Pathetic excuses that prevent the start of your business

The organization of the business from scratch – very time consuming and difficult task, nobody denies it. But those brave souls who decide to swim, as a rule, achieve some success, even making mistakes on the path to financial prosperity. We have quite a lot of articles on this topic, here are some of them:

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Have you decided on? So, do it! And don’t use excuses such as:

1. «I don’t have time»

Nobody has as much time as ideally we would like. It’s a fact of life. However, the effectiveness of planning and quality built time management has not been canceled. Each person has 24 hours a day – it is necessary to adhere to the tight schedule and devote every spare moment to their business. The perfect time will never happen! You yourself create the conditions for business development, and for himself.

2. «Not enough education»

One stupid excuse that indulges your laziness and cowardice, pushing in the opposite direction from dreams. And before you couldn’t walk, speak, read and write… I teach? A huge number of people have achieved incredible success, having no special education, no connections in the higher echelons. About jobs and gates, left «tower», of course, you know. But how about Richard Branson who did not even enter University? He actually had dyslexia and the teachers put him on the cross, and in the report card – «the deuce». However, this cool dude does, in fact, 400 types of different activities and millions of rows with a shovel.

Modern man is drowning in the ocean of information that is freely available: courses, seminars, lectures, forums, workshops, free or not… When there is a goal – excuses have no place.

3. «I’m not sure that my idea is good enough»

Most business ideas are imperfect, as many innovations may cause a misunderstanding or worse – rejection. Even the most powerful of this world are taking bad decisions with adverse effects. But they go back and try again and again to go to the bitter end.

4. «I’m not ready/too old for this»

What do you expect? The time has come! Seize the moment and enjoy it, because after a few years you’ll start whining that missed the chance and it’s too late to fix anything. And so every year.

Durov founded Vkontakte in 22 years. Zuckerberg Facebook – 20. Creator of fast food chain KFC have opened the first one, when he was 65 years old. You don’t need permission to become an entrepreneur. And only you decide when to start a business. At least 18, at least in 81.

5. «I don’t know, burn out thing/I’m afraid»

You are absolutely right. Nobody knows. And you won’t know until you try. Fear of the future – a sick feeling unworthy of such a cool guy like you. Imagine how much big companies could not see the light if their founders lost heart and gave up.

Your business is risky as well as risky driving. The machine can get into an accident, and the company may fail. Just use reasonable measures: wearing of seat belts to reading books on business. This anxiety will serve you a great incentive to measure before you cut, all of carefully plan and prepare for all weather conditions.

6. «I have a family»

«If you haven’t made it, say that he chose family.» So, this is complete nonsense! You may not throw your hard labor from nine to six immediately after built the business plan, especially if you’re the father of the family. You can work on your startup after work or on the weekends. And don’t forget to devote time to the family. Maybe your companion will light up the idea to found the family business, and you in her face you will find not only support, but also business partner and assistant, which, moreover, no need to pay salary.

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