Passivity is the worst characteristic of the modern man

There are things that annoy us about you. Okay, it’s not just you, but in themselves — in their generation, which seems to be a little different from the previous one. You think we want to shake your fists to the sun, and then return to my boring everyday Affairs. But it’s not. We want you to understand why you have nothing. Why do we have nothing. Why does nothing happens in people who set themselves big goals, and then put them on such a big bolt engraved with one word and that word is «passivity».

Yes, passivity is really the worst trait of the modern man. Unfortunately, passive people a lot more than active. If you put interest, we will see the ratio of two to one hundred, at best. That is one active guy has fifty-passive men who always whine about what they don’t know what I want from life, but nothing in this life does not offer. They just take up space, air port becoming another body in the queue municipal institutions.

We are not even talking about the benefits of your actions. We’re talking about its very essence. You complain about society, the government and the lack of opportunities for growth, and therefore lying in bed, holding the joystick from Playstation. Everybody’s cool, but you’re standing on the ground. May you enjoy your passivity. Dream of the eternal rest? On Paradise island where you can spend days to watch the beautiful sunset, fishing and swimming in crystal clear water? But Paradise Islands does not happen. Seasons change, come the monsoon rains, waves demolish your house out of straw, and you’re left to swim down the stomach. Cold and useless. Thus, the action creates man, inactivity is killing him.

It so happened that thanks to a technical revolution that has been ongoing for two hundred years, you don’t have to work too hard. The fact that you work 8 hours a day is not a job to the loss of pulse and consciousness. At work you can relax, many people only work half day and the rest doing nothing. But even if you are honest and spend their 8 hours, then you don’t kill yourself with work. You don’t need to strain to live, and live well. To have clothes, food and money for the holidays. We were lucky that we were born at this time. But this is what has made us passive. Primary instincts are satisfied, so no need to try harder. You do not need to be the best. Mediocrity quite survive and continue to sow the seed of mediocrity worldwide. They make mediocrity, which just do not do anything — just exist. There is a snowball effect leads to the questions: «Oh, and why in our country so shitty?». Yes, because you’re worthless: you don’t owe anybody and nobody owes! Is it not logical?Where do does such detachment from reality? Because this detachment pervades society at all levels: from the homeless and ending with the top echelon officials. We just don’t see yourself inside this structure. Ask each other: «why do we need to do something that is not going to do me?». Some even ask themselves: «why should I do something to do in this country?». But you live here, and we are sure that in another country scenario would be the same. Passivity is a disease that destroys entire Nations, destroys the essence of man, his inner strength and outer track that he could leave.

Well. Enough of lengthy speeches. We will show you an example of what we mean, otherwise you’ll start to think that messing with your mind. We have compiled a small list of signs of passivity — they are easy to detect in oneself. This list will help you to heal from this terrible disease. Grasp and be so hard on yourself.

Signs of passivity:

— Passive person works at work. He finds disgusting the idea that people need to develop professionally, and to work outside the eight-hour working day. But work overtime must be voluntary to have a positive impact on your professional skills. If you work so hard just because you said so boss, change the job.

Passive people do not think about foreign earnings. He believes that Hobbies can’t monetize, and indeed «who needs my scribble». The problem is that foreign earnings that are focused on a hobby that is almost the only opportunity to realize his dream. He worked his eight hours? Work for the next three hours on a painting, song or sculpture of ice.

Passive people are not interested in politics and city government. He spit on the mayor and the city development plan. He is not interested in laws and does not actively participate in shaping the political and social order of the city, because «everything is decided». In fact, «everything is decided» is a consequence of the fact that you do not participate in any way in shaping this decision. If we talk about the local level, it is quite possible to intervene in the number of people making this decision.

— Passive person never have time. He doesn’t have time to read. He has no time to do business. He has no time to look after your dog. But everyone has the time, even those of us who work around the clock. It’s about priorities and understanding what you really can and what not. We do not tire of repeating that time is always there. With the will have a lot more problems, because few people are going to do after work, but it is the people that make more than all the others, creating a new reality.

The passive person does not give unambiguous answers. Retrieved on personal experience. If you offer a profitable business, which would bring him reputation, money, or respect, and he can’t give an exact answer or to indicate the time, that he is the right person to deal is not necessary. You just spend time talking and never got to the specifics.

Passive people do not want to develop. He laughs at those who go to the gym, reads books, attends lectures («pupil?»). He prefers to open a can of «canned Hunting», a bottle of sparkling water or a bucket with a smoothie and forget about all the problems. He prefers that his head was resting in the dark about the problems of the world, because «nothing can be done». A normal man does not leave any chance of problems — it solves them.

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