Passive-aggressive behavior can scare women

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2014_JRKNg4vqxmIcFSometimes it is not clear why she wants to break up with you! You with all my heart, she said, «We’re not on the road, I’m sorry!» I think that women are not logical or did she find someone else? So, women are illogical. But it is possible that your behavior pushed her away. She thought for a while and made sure that you’re not the best for her people. That could affect her decision? There are a few things we don’t notice, but which strongly irritate rampant most women.

Passive aggression, which is quite common in women also apply to men, passive aggressive asshole enough.

What is this passive-aggressive things that irritate women? All in good time.

1. Pretend to be a rogue and poor

For all the time your relationship or even living together, she did not wait from you even mossy flower, not to mention something cooler. So, maybe you gave her something, but only on major holidays. Call it something special, the language is not turned, so… the flowers, candy, Teddy bears. To the world you’re my sweetheart also deduced infrequently. Sometimes she had to pay for themselves, and sometimes even for you. You thought it was completely normal, equality, emancipation. But if you still invited her out and even paid for it, you’ve developed other bad character trait: greed. Let her order a coke and a Burger, but chicken nuggets? No… the Nuggets is too expensive. Will tell her: «Woman, you have a limit of 200 rubles! Limit yourself! I’m not a rich man!»

When it comes to living together, you’re not going to allow her to blossom! New blouse!? You’re sweater is not demolished!

What is the problem here? Can’t you see? Women can not stand cry the Blues. If you don’t look full bum, eats the last crust of bread, why behave like a rogue! You aggravate the situation, if they begin to complain about the salary delay and the last three hundred rubles in my wallet. More cry the Blues women only hate hoarders, spiders and snakes. Of course, there are ladies with a highly developed maternal instinct, which is not against the Drudge of family life for two. But about them some other time.

2. Try to set her against her family

This kind of behavior is not like almost all people, regardless of sex. If you think that a woman can easily abandon her annoying mother, because she had much more important people, you’re wrong! Girls talk just mom and other relatives they know your whole life, and some draw fucking anything. Obviously, in such an unequal struggle you won’t win. Moreover, many girls believe that parents ‘ authority is unquestioned. Even if the parents are, frankly, not the best people to criticize them you have no right. Don’t even try — you will be more whole.

3. To make her feel embarrassed about their personal, mental and external qualities

In the wording it is considered bad manners to constantly remind women that they know nothing about life and don’t know anything. This is complete nonsense, dude! Constantly try to put a girl on the spot, assuring her that you’re a man, you know better, and she’s a woman and not able to pay the bills — not the best reason to spoil relations. Even if he won’t leave, then be offended and will live with you not by feelings, but by inertia.

But worst of all, if you expose doubt on its external quality. If the «Woman — fool» will endure some of the girls, «Fat cow» or «Board — two nipples» are you in danger far greater challenges. No girl don’t like to feel like a birthday and you throw in her soul the seeds of doubt. Better never to joke about the external qualities of the girl, calling her, even if you think so cute, «honey» or «sweetie». She will never forgive you! No girl likes to indicate that she’s fat. Also note that even those who believe that they are going to be fat, don’t like it when they call them.

4. To be seen in the use of large quantities of alcohol and suspicious substances

Every girl mom scared a drunk husband, so any your attempt to drink heavily would be met with disapproval. If you start to abuse alcohol to molest her in a drunken state and to be in such condition almost two times a week to tolerate you is just a masochist. You think you’re funny young guy with everything ahead? But she didn’t think so! The use of suspicious substances for some girls is totally unacceptable.

5. To find fault and make fun of her in public

Of course, many girls suffer this behavior, but for some this is absolutely unacceptable. Rowdy behavior in public, silly jokes and outright mockery — some women can’t tolerate this and do not want. Will get a few warnings, she leaves, and you continue to consider her a bitch, and myself a truly nice guy, who was so treacherously had hurt.

6. To not care about her wishes and initiatives

We have all heard that girls are crazy active guys who all decide for them. A real dream girl, the perfect guy! Unfortunately, some perceive this «formula for success» too literally. She wants to go to the theater, and you categorically deny her this opportunity and dragged her to a movie any new «the Avengers». She wants to see in the evening a Comedy, and you turn on her «Saw 7″ or any other horror movie. She listens to your music, and you silently come, off the track and cut some Manowar. The last effort the girl timidly offers you to go to a cafe and eat ice cream, but you deny her this desire, remembering, but because the girl can not give the initiative, otherwise it will cease to respect you». The problem here is obvious: we need to give people some space and meet a couple of her desires. She sees a cool initiative guy, she sees egomaniac who will never go on the most ridiculous minor concessions.

7. Spit on her interests

So, girls have interests which they can live. It happens, you know? She goes on Muay Thai, and you teasing her about it. She does the heavy lifting, and you’re constantly doldonyat her that she will not achieve anything, and that it was not a woman. She took up photography and made a few bad shots, and you’re right — that’s not yours. She likes comics and video games, and you are trying it from this tear. Interested let everyone that wants until you time. So you won’t be wondering why she replaced you. Instead of calling her a whore, think about why she left such a «perfect» guy like you.

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