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Hi all! Have slowpoke there is a problem: 3rd year of uni and have never worked. Now start looking for a part time job, preferably with a flexible schedule to study not interfere. And that’s the problem: I can’t find. Browse jobs promoters, tasting, etc. over the normal rate – priority girls or guys with model looks (not me) on a car to work is not a Vario, because no rights, as a cook in a network thought to get fixed – rate or very small, or work study are not particularly compatible.

In a word, that I not so imagine: either the requirements are too high, or I just don’t know where and how to make student. Of course, I write in time, because soon the session, but if I don’t write now, then it is unlikely to do so. Please help me to deal with this problem, point out errors and give the stump in the desired direction. Do not judge strictly, please, I’m just not in the subject)


Hey, dude! I would not say that you sloupok, as many students even after graduation can not gather strength and go to work. So for you, all is not lost. You woke up in time. Traditionally, I’ll give you advice based on personal experience.

So, let’s begin. I remember the guy from your thread that sophomore year was hard to work in a fast-food chain KFC, to be precise. So, he worked there for about a year, maybe even a little more, and he was promoted to Manager. I think it’s very good, because in such networks a large turnover, and if you pass the test, will be able to regularly move up the career ladder.

You need to accept that you anyway sometimes you have to skip a couple. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a job that will fit your schedule at the University. And it is normal in the third year. So, this guy, when I was working in the kitchen and methodically grilled wings, said that gets a very good salary, otherwise it would not work in this place.

Don’t know how true this is, but I’m inclined to believe him. Even in the group with me was girls, which, in turn, worked as waitresses, consultants in various major chain stores. It turns out that all my classmates chose a large company, obviously, because there is less rigorous selection, and not too high requirements for an affordable monthly fee.

I first was looking for easy money. Wanted, doing nothing, earn money online, but quickly realized that wouldn’t work. In the end, for me the priority was the experience, I decided that the main thing – to learn more about his profession (I studied journalism). So we had to look for work in the specialty, which, of course, was not in our city. In the end, I found the place where it was possible to pass free training.

I was supposed to get the experience and were optimistic about the fact that I was not paid for my work. Yes, was too naive in the second year. When I realized that losing sleep for a damn job that is not getting a penny, I jumped. Immediately learned to appreciate his work. What do you suggest.

In General, after a bad experience I continued my search. It was summer, and I especially was not soared about the schedule. I still had to do an internship, so I made a deal with a station that will them to come to study and work, so I shut down my practice. But it so happened that on the same day when agreed with the radio host, I was able to find a job. Work on a specialty, so there was no need to practice. I was able to work and solve all the problems with uni.

In the end I got what at first for me it was the perfect option. I found work on a speciality, for which I provided a monthly payment. Only when the summer ended, it became difficult to combine work and study. So I had to skip uni. I don’t know why, because the studies I really liked and I was one of the most successful students at the faculty. I guess I just liked the magazine for which I worked.

Not to say that I needed the money, because parents helped me, and I earned a little. So, if you find after all the work, learn to prioritize. I’m just in that period realized that experience and seniority are more important to me than lectures. I continued to study independently. I had the same session as other students.

If you have no great need to go to work, it’s probably better not to. You simply will not be time for anything. Groundhog days start turning into weeks, months… You still have time to work all their lives to do it, and nothing funny there. Not the fact that you will be able to maintain its record book in a clean condition, because the teacher will not virtually you see, and because of this, their attitude towards you will change.

If you want to earn some money for themselves, and to just take your own time, you can freelance. You have Internet and a laptop. More you don’t need anything except his brain, of course. As a rule, such work is mainly related to writings. Maybe you need to write articles, press releases or advertising news blog/the public.

This work will take you a few hours a day. You will have time to prepare for the seminar and make some money. Just do not expect that you will pay a lot. Going to make Frank a little, so deal with it.

And it’s not your experience, and the amount of free time and desire to develop. Why don’t you take care of the preparations for the session. The guy is especially dangerous to quit, because the military is always somewhere around the corner.

I hope I could do something to help. I hope you all will, and you’ll realize that now you need to focus.

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