Parkour for dummies


We’ve all seen the movie «Yamakasi», «Casino Royale» and «the Bourne Ultimatum». If you also played Assassins Creed, you even did a parkour — at least virtually.

Yes, this is the sport where you jump from roof to roof with ease and climb over walls. Very cool to observe someone in the city overcomes obstacles, which are all run and generally not seen as something to conquer and overcome. It inspires to improve my own body, to the knowledge of the limits of its capabilities. Plus, it looks better, and seems much more useful than any sports: well as the ability to lift weights will help you in a zombie Apocalypse, when you need to escape from the eaters of brains?

What is parkour?

Parkour is overcoming obstacles of urban space, while efficient and natural. Those involved in parkour are called tracers: they jump over obstacles, climb the walls, conquered the city buildings. Their goal is to get from point a to point b as efficient as possible way.

The history of parkour is very interesting. He was born in France, its origins are considered to be the military tactics of last century, designed to help soldiers to escape from captivity and escape prosecution. In fact, it is a method of military training of French soldiers. Once again the new is well forgotten old, but now this practice is used soldiers of fitness, if I may say so.

What is the difference between parkour and freerunning?

Often these terms appear to be interchangeable. These sports really have much in common, but there is a small difference.

Parkour is just maneuvering in an urban environment with effective use of jumps, turns, complex movements. No need for any flips and other complex acrobatic tricks. In freerunning effectiveness fades into the background, giving place to the cool acrobatic movements. This is a more entertaining sport.

If you’re watching a video in which people turn over a jump, pushing away from the wall, know this: it’s freerunning. If they just jump over the fences and climbing the walls, this tracers, not prerunner.

Why parkour?

how to do parkour

Parkour is fun! It teaches you to deal with fear of the outside world, turning the city into a giant Playground. Interested in finding imaginative ways of moving around the city and pretend to run away from zombies. It helps you not to lose your inner child, to let him out to explore the city and the limits of his own body, and just finally play.

Parkour is a physical activity. Running, jumping, climbing the walls. Parkour is a training session for the whole body, which improves body control and coordination.

Parkour is a challenge to myself. It requires physical and mental stress. First, you will be difficult to make any movements, but eventually you will have enough strength and coordination, and you will be able to work out the movement of high complexity. You will face obstacles that will seem insurmountable, and the deeper you look into yourself, the better you will begin to understand that your body is able to surpass what used to seem to be a limit of possibilities. In short, parkour will make you a man. You can prove to yourself what you can do to become more confident, and it will affect other areas of life.

why do parkour

Parkour is a great way to make friends. It’s a team sport, so to speak. Usually they are in groups, the members of which are very friendly to each other and support each other. It’s not a competition. The overall goal is to have a good time and improve myself.

Parkour can save your life. We, the editors believe that a man should keep his life under control and to cope with all the difficulties that occur in his life. Parkour gives you the skills for extreme situations. We joke about zombar, which have to run in an urban setting, but seriously: sometimes your life can be saved only by a quick and strong flight, and probably on your way any obstacles. You’re supposed to get around? Parkour will help.

Parkour teaches you to think creatively. He teaches you to think differently about the environment. Instead of walking around the city, as was expected by the architects when it was designed, you can do it the way you want it. Stairs? We don’t need no stinkin ladder! Every wall, every fence, every ravine becomes a chance to experience a new movement. It’s a game, and creativity — and they will be useful to you in the most unexpected moments when you need to be outside the box to solve the problem.

How to start to do parkour


Find a team of traceurs. The best way to start to do parkour is to find a local group of traceurs and join them. People in this sport superdruzhelyuben and will always support you. Dudes who are already practiced in parkour will give you valuable guidance, plus near will always be people who will show you how to do that and help you make the most complex moves. Of course, if you have an accident, there will always be people who will call an ambulance.

Remember about security. No need to take undue risk. Your goal is to have fun and get out of the comfort zone, and not get hurt. The first question after will show you a new trick should be: «what injury can it cause?» You want the guys supported you and helped you when needed. Before each training session inspect the area for hazards: broken glass and things like that. In General, don’t be idiots.

Take your time. Know your limits. Just because the people around doing crazy stunts and jumping from roof to roof, it does not mean that you have to do the same. Don’t try to do too much in a very short time. Your body needs to adapt to the parkour. Do not go on to more complicated moves until you master the basics. And do not overestimate your capabilities and don’t take these sessions very seriously. Pride leads to the fall, parkour fall really hurt.

No one bother me. Parkour have to do in parks, courtyards and streets. Try to avoid sidewalks where there are many pedestrians. If someone asked you to go. If prikopat the police, be polite, explain what you are doing and go somewhere else if you ask. Parkour is not the most popular sport in our country. If you help him to earn good name, that’s cool.

The basic moves


Very important for parkour skill. You often have to walk on something narrow and a little slippery to stand on edge. You need muscle force and good coordination of movements, not to fall to the ground. Learn to balance, standing on the railway tracks and walking on them.


To successfully hide from any aggressors within the city, you need to run. Running in parkour requires both speed and endurance. If you often practice, skill will come with time itself, and also we would advise you to pay attention to the usual, dear to our hearts runs: 5 km with acceleration — and the trick is done.



Jumping parkour play a big role. Jump, to overcome the difference in height of objects, to move through ravines, etc. and to overcome obstacles.

Accurate jump

Accurate jump allows you to jump onto a small surface on top of the wall, or a rock sticking out of water. Accurate jump requires concentration, balance and awareness of their capabilities.


Combination climb the wall and jump. This technique allows you to reach places that are higher than the level of your regular jump. When a person runs into the wall, pushed away from her leg and jumps somewhere else. Very often this trick is used in combination with other.


Active jump somewhere on the lower surface. When you first start with parkour, never jump from surfaces above their growth. You need to work on landing, and the body must adapt to stress, which is accompanied by jumping from a height.


The ability to land safely after a jump or drop is a very important skill for tracer and FreeRunner. Proper landing allows you to get up immediately and move to the next obstacle and, more importantly, eliminates the need to call the ambulance.

The choice of method of planting depends on several factors, namely: 1) the height from which you jump; 2) the distance that you have to overcome in the jump; 3) the surface on which you land; 4) a preliminary motion.

Landing on both feet

They are more efficient than landing on one foot, decrease stress, experience your miserable body. So if you can, try to land on both feet. When you land in the first place nothing can touch the surface socks, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Your goal is to land as softly as possible. To pull it off, during landing, bend your knees, but not 90 degrees, it’s too much. If you hop or jump at a very high level or if we jump forward with a very strong momentum, let your torso held between the knees, hands hold on to the land to amortizable. When you put her hands on the ground, you will then be easy to get up and move on. This method of landing requires practice, you should start with low drops, and then move on to the higher.


A very important skill to not cripple. Usually done to cushion the impact force on the body, and it reduces your chances of injury. As a rule, you need to do a roll immediately after landing, when drop is performed from a high place or when you jump forward at high speed. If you perform the roll properly, it will help you to land and get on my feet without a scratch. Similar to a somersault. It is important to regroup, and your weight will do all the work for you.

The vault

On the run you will encounter objects that you will be very hard to jump over. Here’s the right vault. You put your hands on the object and use them to jump him. There are different types of vault, you can use them depending on the type of interference and their own preferences.

What to do with the wall

Stairs are for pussies. Sometimes it’s more effective to rise somewhere straight. Here and need stunts with the wall. Do not hurry with them. When you’ll learn something, then go for it. Never climb on objects that can’t heal is the Golden rule.

HIV wounds


It will help you to climb high and quickly. HIV wounds is a complex movement, though not easy. To successfully do this trick, you need to run, jump, climb the wall and hang on it is not as easy as it seems.

Cat lip


It’s a combination: you jump, and climb. You will need to use cat’s lip, when you jump to a higher wall or jump to a distance that exceeds the length of your normal jump. It is necessary to grab the edge of the wall and rests bent legs in front of him in the wall.

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