Pants that are difficult to stain


Very few people like to wash, of course, maybe some girls, but we’re not talking about them. It’s one thing when you have a washing machine, but what if you soiled the pants something that’s difficult to wash off? Is science not come up with pants that are quite difficult to stain!? Of course, you can imagine. Instead of having to launch spacecraft, smart guys come up with pants, which are very difficult to stain. On sale, of course.

This is the future of pants — water repellent, panosteitis and damn durable. They will live longer than any jeans, and not have to worry about pollution, as well as about dirty pants.

Iron the pants, by the way, is also not necessary: they do not crumple. Water and other dirt roll off them without a trace. There are black, brown and white Windowsill Pants: Stainproof Pants for Everyday Use. Buy these for $ 135. On Kickstarter collect money for improvement.


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