Panono camera ball, shooting panoramas

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2015_jmWv9Nxyq9b4rBefore, if you throw the camera up, you get… a broken camera. Now get stylish, high quality and not blurry picture. Only the camera needs to be special. Like this. Called Panono. Looks like a ball that captures everything in all directions to 72 megapixel full-spherical panoramic images of 360° x 360°.

Why would she want this? Well, if you and your friends got to the beach, and you want to capture their idiots in one fell swoop, but still unexpected, not to frighten away, while some of them are sinning in the bushes, and other grilled kebabs. With a traditional camera is quite difficult. Or you went to London, stood in Piccadilly circus and wondered how to convey the monumentality of this lively piece of land? Of course, with the help of this device! Dumped, photographed on the perimeter and went home.

The main advantage of this camera is high quality images. Well, a very high resolution. Just flip the camera and it automatically takes a picture at the highest point. Built-in computer in the time of the throw calculates the highest point of the flight, checks the gyroscope and accelerometer and takes a picture at the time of the throw, when the camera almost motionless.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to catch. Although, if you suddenly catch failed, be calm durable plastic case will withstand a drop. But if you throw it over and over again, better take a picture with a special stick. So, apparently, easier.

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2015_3auUccGPmktpBVery convenient that after the camera took the pictures, images can be wirelessly transferred to a smartphone for quick viewing and free cloud storage Panono. In addition, the camera saves the image in its internal flash memory, in case you got phone or tablet.

Technical details:

Diameter: 4.33 inches (11 cm)

Weight: 0.66 pound (300 grams)

Camera case: durable plastic

Camera: 36 – with a fixed focal length

General resolution: 72 MP

Application: for iOS6 + and Android4 +

The camera contains internal flash memory to store about 400 panoramas when used without a smartphone or tablet. The battery is charged via a USB port. Camera is not waterproof, but splash resistant. Panono does not remove the video, however, the developers are working on it.

The ball weighs 300 grams with a diameter of 11 cm. It contains a 36 megapixel camera with a fixed focal length.

The camera is available in two models: green and black.


By the way, about applications. Classic situation: they have it for iOS and for Android. Why do they need? To view panoramic images from your smartphone. You can even use the zoom to see the finer details. Of course, Panono images can be viewed in a web browser as well as Google Street View. Data can be transfer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The main disadvantage with all the advantages camera its price. 1500 dollars is too much. However, as always, up to you.

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