Pakistani choked a burning American flag during protest.

It’s hard not to ignore what is happening in the world lately.The middle East continues to vasumati film «Innocence of Muslims».

About 10,000 people gathered this week in Lahore, capital of Punjab province in protest against the film insulting to Islam.

One of the protesters, someone Abdullah Ismail died in hospital, where he was taken after complaining of feeling unwell. Poor Abdullah took in a lot of smoke during the burning of the American flag.

Not lucky dude. It is not often possible to suffocate with smoke by burning a flag. Of course, most flags are made of vzaimosvjazi cheap and toxic polymers such as polyester. It is quite clear that such smoke does not contribute to the improvement of the body. The desecration of the flag and the man. It’s always with a twinkle.

And a serious question. If these guys hate America so much, then why would they spend money to buy the flags? And where do they get the money?



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