Pain and tears: what we kind of football team

manygoodtips.com_22.06.2016_Aq2tchhRKGTltThe other team now we have. All of the case, we didn’t even have a chance.

At the moment this is our level.

– Vitaly Mutko, Minister of sports of Russia of the defeat of the Russian national team for Euro-2016 –How is it that of all the sports we are most concerned about the football? Well, would live like the Canadians, who even despite the colonial past of football on the 280 m site, after lacrosse and hockey. Or as the new Zealanders, who resigned from his football strength and all the emotions give Rugby. Or do as the Indians with the Pakistanis, for whom the number one sport — football. Why no one goes to jerseys hockey team, in which we are ahead of the rest? Even hockey is not as popular as football. What football? The Russian team won the international championship on football on a bog, beach football, football with any shit, even for such idiocy as motopatrol, reached heights in football, but to play a classic we never learned. And tormented, jealous looking like shiptars and Icelanders, who first came to the Euro, are playing better than us. Incidentally, Welsh is also passed to the big tournament in more than 30 years. In fact, they have not shown bright game. The team is only one genius — bail, swept past our team like a train. Other players of Wales a little better than ours. But they had the desire. They created chances, they went under the ball. Chances our team will fit on a floppy disk. The most exciting event was the transfer of the captain’s armband. Why score a goal, if it can be three minutes to transmit a bandage. If 13 years ago the «x…» shouted Evseev, now garreth bale and Adam Aaron Ramsey shout this phrase to our address.

At the European championship on football Russian national team has shown its true face. In the final match we showed the most senseless and weak-willed game in the entire tournament. Three dangerous moment in a match where the stakes were so high is a shame. Three more goals conceded. It looked as if the Junior team is playing against a team born in 2006. Ridiculous goals and ridiculous, defenders and defensive Midfielders, instead of to cover the Welsh, clustered together in a single field. Or is it a tactic, a performance «cloud», but the last time such a crappy game I only saw in the championship of the Krasnodar territory between «Azovets» and «Tula» in 2005. «Azovets», by the way, won 8:0, although the play could not neither one nor the other.Our looked as though the match brought them to the sauna. I don’t know as noted in the team birthday brothers Berezutsky, but the game thought moonshine was not. Transmission it is unclear where the speed is below Paralympic and lost arts — it is something that was supposed to show the team in the final match? Although, sorry, Paralympic team wins international tournaments. God bless him, with the match, all the Euros we played only 40 minutes. The rest of the time the game team was reminiscent of the massacre of the innocents. The ending of the match with England, the beginning and the end of the match with the Slovaks. The rest of the time — the game with which the Euro is nothing to do. We can say that the goal against Slovakia was based on skill and luck. Anything you can say even that Golovin — level team. But only after conceding goals the team showered, skill vanished, no one ran to win.

manygoodtips.com_22.06.2016_ZVgijPQC578BsBubnov said right before the match: «the Probability of defeating the Welsh 30%, but with a game in the 1/8 is nothing to do». Alexander stuff not to say. And really, tired of praise for team victories over average teams to get involved in a «rebound» kind of match with England, and of all the actions of our team to be in awe of saves Akinfeev, although the ball flew straight at him. It’s all in General good, but when nothing else, to be happy is not necessary.

You can take the position of the wife Pogrebnyak (remember this, he still sang a song «Pogrebnyak Pasha on target e…S. H. I. T.»?), which accused the commentator Stognienko that it does not hurt for the team. In turn, Stognienko quote: «If there is a problem, it is necessary to speak». So, with the team need to be in sorrow and in joy. But frankly, I’m sick to rejoice in the fact that we just pass to tournaments. And, painfully, not without adventure, never early. Meaning they take place, if the world Cup or Euros we show a game of which head you want to smash a facepalm? Yes, above us the whole world laughing. As Pushkin said:

Of course, I despise my Fatherland from head to toe — but I’m annoyed if a foreigner shares this feeling with me.It’s crazy that six years in a row in major tournaments, our team deliberately plays under the «start for health, and then we will save only a miracle.» A miracle is considered to be a good game for our team.

We have a home championship, which we, as owners, we pass automatically. No qualifiers, just a series of preparatory friendlies. At home I want to look great, to show to foreign visitors, where they belong and who is the father. But it is unlikely that will change in two years.

By the way, before considering the causes of our terrible games, I want to mention those who have at least won something. Talking about the fans that can fight the British. The Guardian even published an article that claims that the riots, which gave football fans during the Euro 2016, was organized by the Kremlin. Like, it’s «hybrid» war, which was organized by law enforcement agencies of Russia in order to show strength and to convince their citizens that European countries co-operate against Russia. And I must say, they are right. Of course, this is Putin’s plan. He just provided the match with the Slovaks and Welsh and gave the order to run into a suspension to avoid embarrassment. I could just sit here and the whole country dreamed about how we would beat everyone. And the guys would rest. And then the plan they have a well-deserved vacation, and then some Euro must play. So it’s not a departure, and longing for home.And while Mamaev wash off the ketchup with his eyebrow, thinking for a permission to write in the comments of his instagram all sorts of nasty things let him be, and we consider the reason for such games.

Well, before this traditional video that we look after each tournament.

The people who supported us from the TV screens and in the stands, didn’t deserve this game. Ready to take the blame. We had enough time to train the new squad. Would not so much focus on the actions of individual players, and coaching gaps.

I have no regrets. Received a gorgeous experience qualifications. I tried to give the maximum on what is capable. Unfortunately, this maximum was not enough. Can wish England and Wales to make a bid for the highest position

The problem is coach…

I do not want to leave critical arrows at the address of Leonid Viktorovich Slutsky. He’s really talented coach, very nice person. Nice when in football there are people who know how to connect words in a logical chain, with a good sense of humor. Intellectual, which shows that he has read the book seriously «Kashtanka», the lover of the theater, interesting personality. If you were born after ‘ 98, you probably remember him as the cutest football club «Moscow», which was very nice to watch. As befits the coach all the blame on himself took, but to blame him in General. With such rotten material to make a story unrealistic. Slutsky gave the command to qualify, he coped with it. And then I’m sorry. What happened to the team, is not clear.

As one of the players said that the atmosphere in the team with the arrival of the Slutsky was much better, but the feeling that you configure on the game he couldn’t. What happened, hard to say. But previously, about him made a documentary film with a pretentious name «Football Slutsk period.» Although logically, ran on the field not the players, and some Tripitaka.That’s just a national hero out of him earlier started to do. In all programs Slutsky portrayed like a knight in shining armor who drove the hell greedy Capello. Supposedly, Slutsky so noble that does not receive a salary (you’d think he was starving). Only now, under Capello we scored two points in the group and in the final match managed to score a goal. And Slutsky repeated the record of Byshovets — 6 matches without wins in a row.

Looking at him was scary. It was evident that he was in shock from the game of their wards. Red it was only the form of our team. Maybe it’s only in the wards?

After this tournament, you want another tried to prepare the team for crucial to the development of football in the country starts. Tried to show the best we can, but unfortunately, my level was not enough.

– Leonid Slutsky –

… and composition

manygoodtips.com_22.06.2016_5y3ZMbWFzJbdkWhat to expect from the coach of the football club, whose players make up the core of the team? Especially if he promptly commanded to lead the team in a sense. Here everything is clear, the coach will take the players with whom he used to work. But there is one problem: the team has not changed for 10 years. This is especially true of the defensive line. The players are not getting any younger, and it seems that at the world Cup in 2026, the we will play decisive match for an exit from the group in the birthday brothers Berezutsky, which, incidentally, turns 44. Slutsky said that it uses the best players with whom he has to deal with. And to adapt the same mean time he does not. If the players do not play in the Russian top clubs- this does not mean that they are bad. Rostov proved it, but none of the football player «Rostov» in the application was not even the best goalkeeper of the championship Soslan dzhanaeva. You say there’s no time to adapt, but wait a second! Neustadter, got a passport a week before the Euros, turned out to play, and Golovin, regularly goes to the same CSKA. These two have shown themselves to be worse. I claim to attack. Took Kerzhakov. The fashion to laugh at Kareem was after the world Cup in 2014, when he scored a goal. Kerzhakov scored regularly in the championship of Switzerland, for six months showed much better than Kokorin. Kerzhakov 33, but the events of the past year returned to his athletic daring. The best scorer of the Russian team proved its professionalism. He has always been able to bring the case before the shot, without it goals are obtained. Our team was among those who created less chances. Thanks though, that Smolov took.

Jamie Vardy made his debut in England less than a year ago, spent 10 matches and scored 10 goals. One, by the way at this Euro. Marcus Rashford 18 years. His star was lit for the season, showing a good game in ten matches of the championship of England. He was picked in the squad. He spent 2 games for the national team, including at this Euro. Scored one goal. The British are gone. The English have the future of our national team it is not visible.

Renata Sancuso 18 years. It is clear that it cannot be compared with our the blockheads, he has already moved to Bayern and is the main hope of world football. But he plays for the Portuguese national team. 2015. It is clear that their qualifying was easier than ours, but at least to involve those who showed themselves during the season, to show our League the new names you can try. Why even friendlies? To play the national team? So what the hell is she not played? To do favor in the face of Golovin we do not need. We want to see players who deserve place in the team, and there are those who year after year dirty. No one age against the cage, but take it is up to those who deserves it. But this team has had it, in their eyes, no sports rage and excitement, they don’t care they are accustomed to, they realized that they need to wait a couple of months. to apologize publicly, and the people gradually forget.

The problem is the RFU

As for the RFU, then… Oh, my God, for what?

The team should not save limits. The team need to save the reforms. What is the meaning of the limit, if the quality of the League drops? In Europe, where there is no limit on the field still face the Legionnaires. To pay mediocre players because they are Russian, at least silly. As we can see talented young people has not increased.

Naturalization of the two players also did not bring good. It’s more of a political gesture than sports. Why naturalized Brazilian Guilherme? To show in the play-offs his uselessness to sit on the bench? Naturalization German Ukrainian who speaks Russian, has led us to a mediocre game in a match with Slovaks. To naturalize those who are not picked up in national teams is not the answer.

Speaking of outputs. The fact that all the points are connected. Why do we need this Euro? To disgrace and hate Kokorin? Really it was impossible for the 4 years to miss the prestigious tournament, to prepare for the change, a normal change of the current blockheads? After all, the home world championship is more prestigious conventional Euro. Only after we missed the 2006 world Cup, we took bronze at Euro 2008. What is this chase? To ensure that the Welsh press was making fun of your football Association? Need a coach Berdyev type or Lucescu able to make even average players from stars, to give young people confidence and to prove that each match is a torn Achilles.

The impression that the part of the youngest team player (Golovin) and the naturalized (Neustädter) — also the handiwork of the Federation. They say, look, we have young people and foreigners climb to us.

The problem of the championship

Absolutely, that the championship of Russia, despite their finances (well, a pair of three clubs, the rest we cease to exist through bankruptcy), foster stars can’t. The players are cooked in one pot, albeit under the guidance of different coaches. But all play in the same style — «Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers». When we set up the triumph at Euro 2008, we had players who showed themselves worthy to play abroad. Alves played at Sevilla, He went to Arsenal and made a poker at Anfield. Pavlyuchenko, who by and large not allowed to play in «Tottenhema». Now in the main team there are no players worthy of abroad. Mourinho said at the time, was watching Shatov, but he soon ceased to grow. Unfortunately, a lot of our players who get a lot of money in the Russian League, go from this disastrous path — cease to evolve. But why, there is no competition, there is a limit. And development, competition, team should represent a combination of ideas, not a bunch of the same blockheads. Even in the Soviet Union, each Republic was different style of play. Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Russia held completely different players.

manygoodtips.com_22.06.2016_Znv7Ol5XgwaA2In Wales there is a superstar bale. In Slovakia Hamsik and Skrtel. About England not going to talk, compare them, and our championship — it is useless. Club championship can easily beat Spartak. Who’s the superstar? The Injured Cheryshev? It remains to believe in Mitryushkina, went to Sion, Gasilina that went to Schalke, Vitaly Lystsov from Benfica, Artem Makarov from Fiorentina. Thank God, the young players began to flow abroad. It is hoped that they will show themselves abroad and will not come to degrade for high wages in the native championship. Better jobs earn in the top leagues.

If you want to play as the Germans, then invest in the development of children’s and youth football, and don’t spend millions on transfers

– Vladimir Stognienko –

The main problem

Where to begin any reform? Of course, with children’s level. In youth football going on the same story as in the adult. And unlikely Academy of the Galician change anything. Corruption starts with the younger age groups. Part are not those who have talent and those who have sponsors. After all, everyone has a friend who wasn’t taken in the main part because the sponsor did not find? The famous story of how on watching his traumatized as directed by the coach, well, that don’t upstage the favourite.

Three months ago, this video has caused a furore. But what surprised is common.

We are not Brazil, where the talented kid from the favelas do the whole superstar team. And it should be changed. In SDYUSSHOR guys must learn to handle the ball, to interact with a partner. The rest teach at the club. So it was in Soviet times, when we three reached the Euro finals with the players from different generations. Now, when the fundamental basis of the Soviet school has completely worn off, we see what it led to.

Well the corruption at senior level does not prevent to remove. And then look at bought matches rather tired.

The problem of leader

In the team there was no leader. Pronounced leader, able to cheer up the team. Wasn’t Puyol, who from the height of his prestige could encourage partners to raise the pretender and to settle disagreements with the referee and opponents. Did not have a Roy Keane, who could yell and fight to awaken the senses. Was Gunnarsson, who is now the Icelanders. That field commander who is able to convey the coaching idea and to boost morale. We have experienced players, cool guys with authority, but it is not clear that they are leaders. Akinfeev could only yell after conceding a goal, Ignashevich is always silent. For this you do not need to be a superstar like Ibrahimovic, enough to be a captain from the Vietnam war who leads his soldiers into battle and raises the team’s morale. We have no player that will be teeth to bite into the field just yet.

As you can see, the problem in our football, and not this team. One follows from the other and all are interrelated. So, nothing new, we said. Well, what can I say? And nothing. We will be rooting for the referee Karasev is the only Russian who participates in the Euro.

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