Packaging bubble wrap will be removed from production readers!

Journal I regret to inform you sad news. It is difficult for us to talk about it, but we believe it is our duty to highlight the most topical issues and events of our lives. Bubble wrap will cease to burst. She was replaced by new material.

The new film will be produced in the form of thin sheets of flexible, but durable plastic, and the logistics company will fill with air bubbles using a special pump. The assurances of the barbarians, this will allow a more ergonomic use of the space of the warehouse, which is especially important for companies selling their products online.

Only they have not thought about the billions of people who are using this film calmed the nerves, trying to prove herself, whiled away the time on the train. As it is now in the kindergartens the children will develop fine motor skills?!

It is likely that the price of the film with bubbles on the black market will increase threefold.

Good-bye, dear one! You faithfully guarded the goods, and calmed the nerves more than one generation of people.


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