P12 Martin Jetpack

manygoodtips.com_6.07.2015_Lx1E7vBZbiZk7«Born to crawl can not fly,» says wisdom. «Yes we do not care who said what» specialists of the company Martin Aircraft.

Thus, the model P12 Martin Jetpack is planned to release by the end of last year, but the serial run was postponed. However, in 2016, if you believe the promises of the leadership of Martin Aircraft, all wishing to become owners of a single vehicle that falls into the category of ultra-light aviation first class, can do so «only» $200 thousand a Penny.

The final modification of the 180-kg device can move in the airspace of the pilot at an average speed of 56 km/h and its maximum speed threshold is about 74 km/h. Not Rocket Man, but also very convincing. Thrust duct fans for engine with engine displacement of two liters, with a capacity of 200 HP and torque equal to 245 N·m, which theoretically will allow the installation and pilot to climb to a height of 1520 m. don’t forget to bring an oxygen tank just in case to make a will. You never know what.


Maximum flight time P12 Martin Jetpack is about 30 minutes, and the fuel is a mixture gas of gasoline. Tank 45 l and is relatively small for this kind of design, the fuel consumption will overcome with the help of «flying jetpack» distance about 30 km.

Don’t worry if during the test flight P12 Martin Jetpack at a high altitude you can’t control or will face critical problems of the equipment. Just humble yourself and fall. Joke. For emergency descent, the developers have provided a parachute system and a strong framework, which is designed to protect the pilot when landing. However, for maximum security whisper manufacturer recommends that you do not scorch and stick to the height of six times less than specified in the passport to the product of 915 m (the height of 1.5 km, as discussed above, were installed during previous tests of the apparatus). And it is better for him not to rise. Keep in the garage and be happy that you are so happy, you can spend the money for such beauty.

If you really want to fly, but a healthy sense of fear does not allow you to commit such a rash act, Martin Aircraft ready to organize for potential buyers special training courses in which the future conqueror of heaven will be able to grasp the basics of management «pack» and reliable feel in the air.

By the way, now the engineers at Martin Aircraft have engaged in the following more complex project – the creation of a double analogue of the P12 Martin Jetpack. Why wait, because someone will still buy the miracle pack.

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