Ozzy Osbourne: how not to be lost in the abyss of madness

«Another mystery that has baffled scientists around the world. How Ozzy Osbourne is still alive after decades of drug use?»

Another American showHe had to die from an overdose at least 50 times. And once and for all. Kaleidoskop drugs, been in his body more than the population of Pakistan dozens of times. Much to drink as he can except that legendary academon from hardrock Lemmy from «Motorhead». And it managed to spawn five children. Heroically before the age of 66 years, he is still proudly standing on his feet and played two-hour concerts. Yes, he walks with difficulty and stooped steeper Kautskogo «Dwarf Nose». But singing, and most importantly, lives!

In hindsight, I should have been dead a thousand times. I never thought I’d live to see forty. Because by noon, in the old days I used to nanopulse powder, injecting something into a vein and all that.Maybe it’s his roots. In the working areas of Birmingham – the industrial center of the old woman of England was the only survivor of the fittest. Proletarian atmosphere would not tolerate sissies. To show yourself, you had to come up with a talent (if you didn’t). The most common criminal. Life was easier for those who knew how to fight and had the propensity to crime. From Ozzie wasn’t the talent nor the one nor to the other, the reputation he earned in a different way.

I grew up in Aston, and our family was poor. As a child I was afraid and constantly portrayed the idiot to amuse children and to receive them in the neck.

Birmingham city severe as the heavy industry, which he is famous. The sky is covered with smog, gloomy landscape of working-class suburbs, but the most common landscape was the ruins of the houses. The city was badly damaged by German bombing, so little Ozzie played on the piles of bricks that it did not bother, even seemed normal. Not everyone in the house was the toilet or hot water. Survival of the fittest. Perhaps that is why so many rock-and-roll guru came out of his working-class suburbs. Including partner Ozzy Black Sabath, the legendary Tommy Iommi, and His Majesty «Hysterical vocals» Robert plant of Led Zeppelin, Carl Palmer (ELP), impressed on his fancy of the shock in the distant 70s. This city is good for colds, especially if you like Ozzy, live in poverty. By the way, the nickname Ozzy. The name of our hero is John Michael Osbourne. The origin of the nickname can’t be sure even Sam Osborne.

In school they used to call me Ozzy. I do not know who first invented it, when and why. It must have been a diminutive of names.In the Aston youth was in three areas: crime, what Ozzie talent was not in the army, which was unthinkable, and to the plant. But to make an honest buck John could not. However, he tried himself in all forms. The fact that at the age of 15 years Osborne was expelled from school. Typically, the reason indicate a dire financial situation… But who Heston was the money for? Ozzy never went. And it’s not his dyslexia, he was just lazy. So as to sit on the neck of the parents was impossible, and the future musician got a job as an assistant plumber. Subsequently, Ozzie tried to work as an assistant locksmith, miner in a slaughterhouse, an auto mechanic, house painter and even gravedigger, but it did not. One day while talking with one laborer in the factory, he asked how many years he worked. He said he was 35, and soon will give him a gold watch. The reaction looked like this:

Fucking gold watch! 35 years on a fucking plant! I wouldn’t survive! I thought it so nothing will change!?Then there was the prison. John was unlucky thief, and for some reason broke into the women’s store and stole several pairs of stockings and a couple of coats. The police found him almost immediately, and John went to jail, had to do something to pass the time, and he stuffed himself on the fingers of famous tattoo «Ozzy». Since then, and they still are.

I’m not fucking royalty, not even middle class. I’m from the ass of this class division.But he returned to the factory, and then what? Father Ozzie, a good guy and a responsible hard worker, always told him: «You or kill you or will kill himself». Indeed, the prospects were not absolutely no. The guy is sorely did not know how and to work at the factory it is not very desirable. But in the life of Mr Osborne, there was one item which saved him from certain death in the Prime of life. His name is music.


In fact, the Beatles saved him. From the moment John decided to become a musician, not knowing how to sing or play instruments. By the way, they now have a very good relationship with sir Paul.

Osborne posted in a music store announcement with a mysterious inscription «of Ozzy Zigg looking for a gig» and three days later got into Black Sabbath to a school friend Tommy Iommi. At the first rehearsal he came, dragging on the lace shoes and the amplifier. Everyone knew that singing Ozzy resembles a howling giving birth sows. Everyone knew that it is dangerous to mess with. But in a poor Birmingham the amplifier was a very rare thing, which is guaranteed a place in the group even dumb, and armless. And as serious as configured Tommy didn’t want to send Ozzy away, magic poweramp played the trick. But the first rehearsal went surprisingly well. «It was incredibly cool, we were just guys who did not care» – the second all four of the «Sabbath». At first they were just delayed and played covers, and then Iommi is thinking about one thing: people go to movies to be scared. So why not write scary music. Thus began the «Black Shabbat», which we know and love. Now their music does not seem anything out of the ordinary – just a great hard rock. There are groups much harder and crazier. But then they caused a real sensation. If not for their self-titled first album, there would be no Metallica, Motley Crue and John Frusciante. By the way, the album was recorded in just 12 hours.

Their mystical lyrics with a glimmer of Satanism immediately became anthems of the various occult circles. They were constantly calling for black masses and other satanic activities, but of the «sabbatou» is not particularly attracted. They are more attracted to fame and money. They came soon after the album topped the charts. On the first advance (105 pounds is a lot of money in those days) Ozzy bought what he lacked: Socks, Pants, Shoes, shirt, and Cologne. Like any kid from poverty he wanted to smell nice, because usually from Ozzy stank. Think about it, and now look at the Palace where he lives. Whatever it was hopeless, he achieved this by hard work.

As dad referred to my success in Black Sabbath? Like you just won the lottery. It changed the whole balance in the family, because now everyone was waiting for freebies.And then there was Paranoid, and if you know the name, explain it makes no sense. Gold record, second place in the charts and songs at all times. Ozzy has become a kind of clown of the group. In childhood he was just a good sense of humor, and in the group was crazy. For example, come to rehearsal naked and they sometimes with drummer bill ward took the hammer and began to smash the room. Glorious 70s… However, go Ozzy could always. What are the memories of Tommy Lee from «Motley Crue».

Ozzy portrayed the Holy fool cooler than Peter Mamonov. Such a defensive reaction from innate insecurities. However, the uncertainty evaporated when it came to drugs. The benefit of rock stars was not a flaw in it. To record their third album, they dumped the cocaine into a separate bowl and immerse your head in a fucking mountain, just like in «Scarface». They swallowed LSD, injected, smoked and went on stage completely stoned. However, in this as Ozzy sang and felt myself in the scene more confident.

Life Osborne was adjusted, with rogue, he became a rich man, and the house – full Cup: he married, fathered two children, bought a cottage in a rural location and a decent garage (although rights had not been). He was able to live in expensive hotels, fly on «Concorde», but he couldn’t feel, because you were always drunk or high. Family life attracted him just as lamb was attracted to the hare. Coming from the tour, he went to the pub, get drunk into a coma and past home.

Meanwhile, children from poverty, spoiled a lot of money and I have no idea what to do with them, began to cover the problems. Managers were stripped to the skin, plus a rash the huge expenses make them bankrupt. Exhausted drugs and alcohol organisms began to take. Chief fellow Ozzie for outrages – Bill ward – they almost got killed, he almost died. And Ozzy was though henna… until his father died. His death has crippled Ozzy. They were friends with the father, by the way, father made famous crosses Black Sabbath. Ozzy still lacks it. What makes a rock star when your heart is aching? No, not begins to do, she starts drinking and using drugs twice. «Sabbath» has decided to take up the recording of the album, but Ozzy in rehearsals didn’t do anything. New Manager don Arden invited the boys to find a new singer. All understand that more can not continue.

«After the departure of Ozzy, we cried for two weeks. But if he went, I swear he’d be dead within a month».

Geezer Butler, bassistOsborne thought it was the end. He was lonely, he felt lost and broken. It seemed to him that no one will ever ask it to the group. A solo career seemed pointless. He locked himself in the apartment and within a few weeks of drinking and crystal meth. Coming into his room, one could see the picturesque scene: Ozzy is surrounded by bottles, in a puddle of his own vomit, piss from head to toe. But rescued his daughter the producer Arden – Sharon, who became his guardian angel so far.


Sharon persuaded him to come out and create a group. Left to recruit musicians, and then he was incredibly lucky: I came to audition an unknown wizard Randy Rhoads. They literally inspired each other, and one after another, Osborne’s albums have reached the top of the charts. Solo career took off, and personally, things got better, they got married with Sharon. True, there were dark moments like the death of Randy. He was replaced by another equally talented and legendary Zack Wild. Then his crippled trial. In 1990, Osborne went through a tough trial. Three groups of parents of musician accused that he his song «Suicide Solution» («Suicide») provoked their sons ‘ teenage to commit suicide (although even a cursory listening it is clear that the song is directed specifically against suicide). Fortunately, the court heard, what the song. Well, of course, get rabies shots after an unfortunate accident with a bat.

It all started with the fact that the signing of a contract with a major label Osborne brought white doves to release and create the atmosphere of fairy tales. And high as a kite Ozzy picked up and bit his head off. Teeth. The living dove. People heard about it and brought to the next concert of different living beings, thinking that Ozzy wants to eat them. And someone threw on the stage a bat. The poor fellow thought it was rubber and bit at the amusement of the audience… And she was alive. The next day this was not said just lazy. However, this only attracted the audience. And his show, which he doused the audience with water and strongly shocked, remembered for a long time.

Career was at its peak, the clips that he’s repulsed by the sight could not, turned on MTV.

Only Ozzy has not changed. He had three children, and he drank all that drink, and fuck everything that moves. After the expulsion of the «Sabbath» and the divorce from his first wife, he realized that we have to live one day. Only understood it too literally. For example, drinking Ozzy until, until you are disabled. Therefore, the environment was increasingly concerned that Ozzie in my sleep choked with vomit. And, increasingly, Sharon was wounded in the frenzy. It got to the point that some voices in his drug-fevered brain has ordered Ozzy to kill her. Ozzy can’t remember what substance it sat. There were too many.

I can’t do anything in moderation. When I smoked, I smoked thirty cigars a day.Osborne relates to the glory with respect, but very dismissive. Although very respectful of their fans. To his credit, he’s not going, yet not all will sign autographs.

When people recognize me on the street, I fucking hate it. When you do not know, I hate it too. I just want my fans to know I will not leave them to become weatherman. If someone’s day will be better because I’ll give them an autograph, then why not?

He was incredibly popular in the 80s, the main Delibes the music industry. Even Manson for that reputation was far away. But the peak of my career, unfortunately, was the part in «the Osbournes». The fact that the main crazy industry agreed to show the life on a reality show, sparked interest. Although many ceased to be the «Prince of Darkness».

«Prince of Darkness» can’t clean up cat poop in front of everyone and be so henpecked. When they saw the life fucked up on the head of the family, the delight knew no bounds. However, more and more he was pathetic humans. Ozzy was not so funny, rather pathetic. It was the apotheosis of his drinking. Were the fragments that is simply impossible to show in the show. Particularly occupied with relationships with children. Often Ozzy rebuked their children that they never needed and all that they have, give them it. And then get drunk to a certain state. The children were also good, both from an early age was addicted, and to watch Jack, who clumsily builds himself a producer, and Kelly barfing after each drinking with friends, was even a little sad. They were all waiting for the deep Well from which there is no return, if not for Sharon. Or rather, which had occurred to her after the stress of cancer. Ozzy began to stutter, he was like a bag of stunned, closed in on itself. Sharon, who solves all financial problems that inspired him, was his support, without which he could not get through the day.

And who would have thought that in this difficult moment, Ozzy will not drink too much finally, and you decide to tie, thanks to his son Jack – he was the first family has decided to take this step. Ozzy shamed that he couldn’t do it first. Since then, their life came a turn. Gradually all the family members jumped out of addiction, and the sky seemed just that and waited. In any case, Sharon has recovered.

Now Ozzy doesn’t drink anything stronger than tea, don’t smoke and don’t take anything, he works like a dog every concert draws for therapeutic purposes, drives and feels incredibly happy gentleman. Indeed, he was very lucky not lucky enough to die, to have a family, be an idol and not to perish on the margins of show business. Do not take his example, aren’t so lucky, for example,Morrisonhotel less.

I am lucky. I’m 66 years old, and earlier I travel the world, and people still want to see me.But any success is produced by labor, and not to forget that Ozzie worked for his songs. But luck is just one of the tools. And in spite of the mad career the scumbag who managed to write great songs, I want to say one thing: «God bless Ozzy Osbourne!»

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