Owner hours: how to stop being late and start to catch

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_zFLnHPVkvdqsoI’m tired of not catch. I always do everything in a hurry, always in a lather, always rushing, working late, catch the trams finish at the last moment and then still undone. I’m sure many a problem and many people want to get rid of it.

Time management is actually effective time management, itself. This commitment to myself: to be more organised, stay focused and use time to your benefit. What do you need?

Stick to the plan

1. List

Make a to-do list and take the habit of constantly update it. Plug it urgent and non-urgent cases, to not forget. The list should always be in front of you: in the smart phone or just on paper. Each compound it is necessary to divide paragraphs. You cannot write just «cleaning» — instead, it is better to do so:

  • to vacuum;
  • wash the floor;
  • to wipe dust;
  • to clean the tub.

2. To paint time

For each action determines a specific time frame for which it is impossible to get out. If the order of Affairs you are not important, you might find a pleasant surprise — an extra lot of free time, when I’m done early.

3. Set deadlines and stick to them

Deadlines — effective ways of working. You must have deadlines, to which it blood from a nose needs to be done and they must be respected. Any case takes exactly as much time as you take. Have you ever noticed how quickly done, when somewhere in a hurry? When we’re under pressure, work more effectively and feel less stress. Adhere to deadlines — a professionally.

Don’t waste your time

4. Make-smart

Set yourself limits: check your email strictly at a certain time of day, the rest of the time don’t interrupt things to be distracted by something minor. If possible, never touch the same paper twice, never open the same sheet several times. Don’t open email if you don’t have time to read and respond to it. If you have already opened, read and listen to as needed.

5. Organize

Clean up on the table, on the desktop, sort the emails in folders to be easy to find. We spend a lot of time looking. Benjamin Franklin said, «a place for Everything and everything in its place».

6. Do not switch

Do not postpone the matter, not seeing it through: then it will be harder again for him to take and to remember where you stopped. Discourage interruptions, especially when it can be completed in one sitting.


7. Cooperation

Colleagues expect you to do everything on time, so do not fail them. Do you expect the same from them. To protect yourself, mark on the project a little more time — in case of force majeure and small failures.

8. Avoid too much responsibility

Shamelessly poruci things to other people, unless they lie within your narrow remit. Many dudes spend their valuable time on listening to other people’s ideas and tips. If it can do for you by someone else, and you’re already loaded up, go ahead!

Be in focus

9. Any busy

At any time, any busy, and then two. Even better if they include a few items you can switch between them and change activities, as is known, the best rest. The main thing — not to stop in the middle of the little Affairs that make up the big. Working on several tasks, remember that you have things to do. In addition, it helps to maintain clarity of thought.

10. Stop procrastinating

To postpone unpleasant things — it’s human nature. Plan your dead all so boring Affairs interspersed with interesting. Constantly deferring, you will not win anything — just force yourself to hurry in the future. Generally, procrastination is a sign of dissatisfaction.

11. Reward yourself

Time management is not only work but also rest and recharge the batteries. Coffee in the middle of the day won’t hurt — will be back to business with renewed vigor.

Do time

To start, simply observe how you spend your time. Not procrastinati, be in focus, organize yourself, and you will be respected. Success comes to those who work hard and know how to manage time.

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