Overturned truck with millions of bees


Dude, don’t know why, but bees manage like. In principle, almost all insects are nasty, disgusting creatures with movable tips, terrible spikes all over the body — in short, not handsome. But bees are very cute. Fluffy, funny animals.

There is only one thing: a swarm of bees no one wants to face. And motorists on highway near Madras, Oregon, had.

The fact that this was the highway, overturned truck carrying, according to conservative estimates, beekeepers, 500 million bees! The driver wanted to avoid collision with an animal, which has popped up on the road, but it turned out that he is somehow weak: the car overturned, and the hives were scattered, forcing the evil and the dumb bee to fly and bite.

To eliminate the consequences of the disaster decided the local Association of beekeepers. We see how these guys with stern faces of mesh are systems for pretentious music to fight with Roy. Should film it! By the way, nobody was hurt, and the bees took on another truck.

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