Overcoming fear: an extreme for real men

Winter is in full swing, everyone is preparing for the holidays, and you sit so sad behind the screen and wasting their days. Not quite right. Need to rest productively, because the year was hard, as it is not evaluated. Man, we are sure, it is periodically necessary «shake-up», which he can get only when faced with a good injection of adrenaline to the heart like in pulp fiction. However, for that you don’t need Vincent VEGA. There are options for healthy and easier, and it is a real winter extreme, which can be expressed in the sports frenzy, driven to the absolute.

Extreme sports – everything! Whoever you worked for, in whatever area did not live, you can always expand your consciousness due to the extreme. This frees. The existence of a risk and overcoming it is the true nature of men. We should be able to cope with their fears. Besides, I know of no better cure for chronic stress, the furious speed with which you cut the mountain snow layers. It is not surprising that many guys do not think of myself subsequently without such sensations.

So what to do on holidays, if you want to party and relieve mental stress accumulated during the year? This will tell you your manygoodtips.com.

1. Heli-skiing

Attractive freeride, which appeared in the mid 60-ies in such a distant country as Canada. Then it was a very unique way out of a difficult for many tourists and adventurers of the situation. The era of geographical discoveries is long past, people have trodden all the possible paths of the mountain, and each node has already had its name. A significant piece of pleasure, which was to search for the unknown and unexplored, just gone. Our planet is, surprisingly, showed us too much, not leaving space for imagination. It was at this time a subspecies of the freeride Heli-skiing, which is actively developing in our country, mainly in the Caucasus.

The essence is that you put on the helicopter with all the necessary equipment, you soar up to the height of bird flight, and then get on those snow slopes, where no foot of man. It turns out in your type, you’re the pioneer of these peaks, the first person who tried out their skis. And here, of course, the pleasure is extremely versatile. First, a helicopter, dammit! The first flight is unlikely to ever forget. Second, the unique route, which gives you an incredible feeling. If you are a skier with years of experience, you should understand how valuable a pristine snow slope.

What about security? On this score should not worry, because each route is carefully examined by professional guides and skiers, representatives of the heliski companies. Where to apply? For example, the company Store Heliskiing, which organizes heliski tours around the world. Themselves guys from Canada, but a problem with them no: consultations in Russian, the full organization of the trip, and, most importantly, they do not charge for their services is money, so you pay directly to the companies Heli-skiing, not the organizers of the tour.

2. Snowscoot

90 years of the twentieth century – a turbulent time! These were the years when extreme sports went to the forefront, looking for new incarnations.

There was one guy who loved extreme Cycling. But, sitting on one of the snowy Alpine mountains, it is reasonably thought that the bike for snow not very good, that’s why they invented a thing that can be called a hybrid of a snowboard and a bike that combines both the wheel and ski. First a crazy idea resulted in the creation of successful companies, and after snowscoot won the hearts of many brave men.

There are certain difficulties in the use of snowskate. Many riders talk about unstable braking, but with twists otherwise very strange handling. If you like downhill, then you should try to ride this beast. Very different speeds, a real snow motocross, a Paradise for extreme athletes. Most importantly, don’t forget about security, listen to your instructor and be nice. Remember, the important thing is to save your ass, not discourage it. And fun you provided, for sure!

If you want to buy a suitable snowscoot, we see not only the price, but the quality, the manufacturer. Recommend products JykK Japan, SnowBaar and The Metal Worx.

3. Snowbelt

Another kind of winter extreme is snowback (skibayk). The main differences from snowskate that the ski is narrower, there is a saddle and is pedal, that is, the riders will be feeling the most similar to the sensations on the bike. Therefore, the shell allows you to do exactly the same stunts as the bike (BMX, Dirt, Street, DownHill).

Generally, there are many varieties allows easy, and they are all called differently, but the essence of the idea brings together the shells. Manufacturers are working closely to improve the characteristics and indicators of sports equipment. Some are created using rudders and rear shock absorbers that allows to use them for competitions. In the community of Russian Snowmakers there are models with rigid frames. They are more versatile and tuned for free skiing on any slope. There you can find a pleasure model, for study or just get new emotions.

Winter will no more make you change to Board with the bike. As for riding on snowbike you will have enough basic knowledge of ski techniques for quick and effective braking control.

4. Extreme driving

And you can combine business with pleasure, because the extreme driving skills are needed not only for those who loves speed and rally racing. I think you’ll agree that problems on the roads in recent years has become much more. The man didn’t have a great experience behind, and driver’s license (known as get) to feel confident on the track or on the roads of their city. There are a lot of idiots behind the wheel, and you know it. And the more «pins» that run out into the roadway at the wrong time, ignoring the traffic lights, crossings, etc.

In this regard, the man must be able more than just turn the steering wheel so hard on the pedal. He needs skills that can only be given by professionals: sports and extreme driving, defensive driving in difficult weather conditions. All this is really necessary for the modern guy, after all, the owner is responsible not only for their lives and the safety of your car, but also the lives of passengers.

Besides, don’t you want to experience all these rally things impossible to learn properly without serious trainers?

In General, be visionary and take extreme driving as soon as you have time. And even if you drive like a hero Jason Statham of Carrier, it never hurts to buy a gift certificate for his girlfriend.

5. A ropejumping

This sport invented by the American climber Dan Osman, and developed a bunch of crazy guys around the world. Despite the fact that with some jump rope looks a bit suicidal, in fact with safety in ropejumping everything is fine. But here we specify not to mislead you. If you want safety without losing the extreme sports, then turn to a professional team of rope jumpers! As rodjendanska says the ancient wisdom, «for security do not save!»

What is the professionalism? A thorough approach to the jumps, proven equipment and, of course, in the experience. Getting pleasure from the free jump without it to guarantee you no one else can. But the discipline gives a lot of adrenaline edema of the body. In General, if you live in Moscow and the surrounding area, the professionals of team WS will do everything at its best.

6. Mountaineering/climbing

This topic never gets old. Climbing was involved in our parents, our grandparents, so it’s time to go in the footsteps of their ancestors. So, maybe you’re not the first man who climbed a particular mountain, but the tests that are associated with the most expensive, a lot of things are and settle in your memory the rest of your life.

Climbing great character-building. And in a world where everything was available, where the long lost value of simple men of truth, this is the most important, because not everyone can face such challenges just staying year after year in one place, not everyone can test the strength of your hand. So climbing is a great way to find out and reveal itself.

But if you were born and raised in Russia, you just have to conquer the highest peak. So, we’re talking about those of 5642 meters, called Elbrus. Incredible power of beauty, right the Titanic. Of course, you should find experienced guides who will make the journey safe. One of such places is nothing to do. We do have it easier – found a gorgeous tour that involves climbing Elbrus from the South side (normal route). And, of course, everything is done for science, with sufficient time for acclimatization, good climbing equipment and professional climbers. Will add to greater understanding: the ascent is not a walk in the Park, so it is best to prepare in advance both physically and mentally, but it’s worth it.

7. Ice climbing

A unique form of mountain climbing, which in recent years actively developing in our country without the involvement of Federation of mountaineering of Russia.

In fact, it is a rather dangerous thing to which you need to prepare thoroughly. The athlete rises at the ice wall using ice axes, ice hammers. Sometimes use special hooks, which are called «ice fify». Feet also put a metal thing with teeth, referred to as «cats». In General, the main equipment we dismantled. The rest is a matter of practice and safety, which ensures you a healthy rope.

Why bother? In order to test their strength, of course, and in order to enjoy the beauty of unique natural objects, because the acts of climbing is often done on frozen waterfalls.

8. Swimming in the ice

And this is a popular fun, which you were supposed to hear anything. Yes, and perhaps among your friends there, «walrus», which every winter is to bathe in the hole or terribly cold sea? Basically, swimming in the ice and other winter swimming can hardly be called extreme, if you live in the areas of «permafrost», which is not uncommon in our country. But for southerners it is a true feat which should be approached carefully. Do not to jump into the cold sea drunk, because it needs to prepare the body. Our body is not adapted to extreme temperatures. So be more careful with this.

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