Out negativity: a simple litany against every shit

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_gBU3CUDl00zUVWe are all faced with negativity. First it was the bullies at school, then in our life appeared negative situation and we do not need people who frankly spoil the raspberries its own peculiar behavior. Often we can not abandon them, because they are our relatives or old friends. Of course, good would be worth to reduce the communication with these friends to a minimum. But sometimes it seems that the world rises up against us, surrounding us entirely the bastards that nobody likes and nobody respects. In these moments it is time to remember several perfectly logical phrases and apply them in life to dispel the darkness and other crap. Now I will tell you a couple of these phrases that will help you to cope with everything.

1. Bad days — this is normal

Damn, dude, it is not that all is well. Just does not happen. Difficulties happen to everyone. A starving boy in Africa is to this day not to dig yourself a dirty water from under the footprint of the elephant, stupid housewife can screw it up and ruin a huge pot of borscht. It seems to be quite different concepts, but they are perceived at exactly the same level because the stress level the same. Sometimes a black stripe may be delayed but it is because you didn’t do anything to get out of it. Or because you misunderstood the situation and any little thing seems to you a continuation of your suffering.

2. Every experience should be seen as a lesson

Is that fucking right thing, it’s almost the best way to understand Zen, if you follow this installation. Threw the girl? Useful lesson — not to meet more with these ladies and watch both. Lost your job? Next time will be better to work or choose a job wisely. Friend has behaved like a complete m*Dak? Congratulations, now you know that even those people with whom you supposedly eat a peck of salt, can turn on you. The most important thing is to learn to draw correct conclusions from given situations. Only in this way experience becomes the experience, not the banal pereimenovan. Explain. You met the girl. She’ll brazenly dumped, cheated on, stomped on your darling, kicked the cat and demanded you too much. Wrong conclusion: all women are fools and don’t deserve anything, only the cat and the computer will not betray. The correct conclusion: that woman was a fool, she had certain characteristics (most likely, that person shouldn’t be Dating), she did some things that were alarming bells. To remember and never to take these women again.

3. Stand still often bad

All life needs to change. Everything flows and changes. To stand in one place — the best way to get rid of any progress, especially if you’re trying to hold the old. Your friends had children, and were less likely to communicate with you? Don’t worry — this is normal. You have several times offered promotion, but you refused, because every cricket should know his perch? What the hell, dude, act like a snotty woman! Of course, in life everything changes. It’s the same as trying to hold on to the ball, instead of moving forward and twist his legs. There is a big chance to fall and break something. To stay in the comfort zone, to stay in one place and not to make any decision is the worst decision of his life.

4. Life is not perfect, but it’s great

Who would not say that in life there is justice, happiness, and each will get according to his works — this is not true, believe me! In life little more than dofiga different imperfections, as well as in our society. Leading positions occupied by all sorts of fools, the clergy show extremely nemerennoe behavior, girls ruin their individuality and the beauty of the questionable methods, around people refuse to go to the dream and self-improvement. And this hell a little more than dofiga. But, if you look at it from the other side, there is a lot of good because it gives diversity in the world. Perhaps, without these people we wouldn’t appreciate interesting girls, well-read educated people and did not notice them because everything would be more or less the same and uniform. Somehow, I immediately remembered a story science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM from the almanac of Iiona quiet. In the future world there lived a man who had set himself a goal to solve problems of different races. As inhabitants of one planet wished to have it made them happy and gave their lives meaning. Dude did it, as he understood it. Now the inhabitants of this planet were asexual, the person had, their appearance was identical, no distinctive qualities, they also were not, and the working positions they are constantly changing. Would they feel happy? No, but what they felt every day, the constant monotony — for them it was real happiness. Really creepy.

5. What other people say about me is their problem

The people will speak, most often comes from boredom. In my personal opinion, are the biggest gossips, those who have no serious hard work and some Hobbies. To be honest, the biggest gossiper I have ever met in my life is my College friend, who worked two times in my life for a month (!) and manages somehow, miraculously, live on the contents of the different girls and their moms. Hell, what girl doesn’t gossip as much as he lies. Of all our mutual friends he knows everything. And it’s scary! Now I have time a strange life to be interested in not, because it is necessary for all people to remember we should be interested in their life and need to remember all these details and don’t forget to mix them with mutual friends. And it’s boring!

Of course, it was the negative side of human nature. Perhaps it’s the influence of many factors: boredom, inability to take interest in someone else’s life more than his. So what the hell are we listening to these people? Actually the reason is more than obvious: we are afraid of other people’s opinions and try to live for other people. But what it will do, if you think so? Condemn? Well, let them. There is nothing wrong. When you once again reach a conviction, remember that.

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