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Stop.com.ua_10.06.2015_t5v97AqyTPXK5We hope that will always be appreciated in his books. But as for other genres, here we have a problem. Our musicians really want to be like Western. But the West is tired of the same clones. So chances are not so much valued identity, which many people prefer to get rid of. However, there are some good examples. They can be divided into two parts — the heroes of the past and heroes of today.


Stop.com.ua_10.06.2015_bxb88RHgpDI8SSome musicians previously had managed to squeeze into the music scene. Not long delayed one, and this is what came of it.

1. Alexander Vertinsky

At the time, «Black Pierrot» immigrated with obscure, hard Russia of 1920. Not that popular singer and actor was bad. He explained that the «Youth impulse». And since then began the long years of nomadism in Europe. Poland, Germany, France, USA, China and everywhere the charismatic, tragicomic Vertinsky collected large rooms, and enjoyed success, and even made friends with Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. And surprisingly, to listen to the great artist gathered not only Russian immigrants but also the Western audience. In the end, Vertinsky returned home.

2. . And «Aquarium»

In the Wake of General interest to the restructuring in General and music in particular its chief prophet tried to break into the West — English-language album «Radio Silence» was produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, with whom, as with several other foreign idols. G. fast friends. The audience, however, reciprocity did not answer; by and large the main result of the American epic Grebenshchikov was that, after returning, he recorded the great «Russian album».

3. «Sounds Of Mu»

Artemy Troitsky showed Mamonov went to the USSR out of curiosity the father of ambient music, the Creator of the musical accompaniment Windows95, producer Brian Eno. And soon «Sounds of Mu» went to London to record an album. This event greatly strengthened the myth of the group, although it is difficult to say that the resulting album sounds stronger than many early works, such as «Simple things». In the English Wikipedia a large part of the article about the «Sounds of Mu» is a touching story about how they spent all their money on used tools, lived in London from hand to mouth and somehow got really drunk straight away from Ino.

4. Gorky Park

The success of Gorky Park in the United States cannot be overstated. America, they conquered. It is enough to look at their accomplishments in the charts. On the Billboard Hot 100, they scored only a single Try To Find Me (81 and 6 weeks in the chart) and the Billboard 200 album Gorky Park (80 and 21 weeks in the chart).

But Gorky Park was sold to the General bad: 300 thousand copies sold in America alone is a very good result. Much greater success the group has achieved in Scandinavia. Gorky Park in Norway took 9-th place, and the single Bang — 5-E. In Denmark, the album Moscow Calling even became platinum. And Socks and Marshall still collecting halls in Moscow and the provinces. And all is well, everyone is happy.

5. PPK

Electronic project rostovchanina Sergey Pimenov at the beginning of zero’s hit the jackpot when he posted on the website mp3.com his version of the beautiful music of Eduard Artemiev, which was used by several million people. Had a contract with the label Oakenfold Floor, 5-th place in the Netherlands, 9 in Belgium, # 15 in France and 36th in Australia — a lot of noise; however, other major foreign hits PPK was observed. And not only foreign. Who knows what with them?


No Russian musicians have not achieved such success as TATU. The most successful Russian pop band of the first half of zero, and indeed the most successful Russian musical export of all time in the field of pop music: a contract with Universal Music, concerts worldwide, overwritten English album «200 km/h in the Wrong Lane», world MTV prizes, gold and platinum discs in Europe, the absolute sales record in Japan (almost 2 million in 2003, which is more than Madonna). At the moment about them was almost forgotten in Russia, but almost all over the world were drawn from the English gibberish of two little girls. But a coup with teenage same-sex love was not enough. The album «waste Management», renamed «Fun smiles» physically released only in Russia and some countries of South America. In 2009 the group disbanded. But still, their success is very, very far away.


manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_8rM32APTSoKIeIn our time interest in Russian music dead gone, Russian exotic out of fashion. Disappeared altogether border. The listener cared, where a particular performer. So to get more difficult, as, however, and create something new. But some succeeded.

1. Little Big

They are called «the Russian answer to Die Antwoord» with balalaika and vodka. Crazy Russians that show the nation that insane, checking foreigners for the presence of sarcasm in their minds. Although the sole purpose of the group is to make the rave. Senseless and merciless.

At the head of the team» — Ilya Prusikin, which is also known as the blogger. «Gaffi GAF» is his handiwork. Now he, shaking his mustache from the scene, along with clowns, circus and the midget with the exotic name Olympia, entertains the whole of Europe. In Europe the demand for Russian thrash exotic very large, especially in France, Germany, Holland. Yet there is an audience in Canada and Australia. Therefore, the European concerts are always full of audience. Oh, and one more bid for world domination: they were able to perform on the same stage with the prototype Die Antwoord. They do not hide that want to become global stars. And that the music is good, provocative. And clips — private masterpieces. Who else would dare to remove Putin and Obama that have merged in a passionate kiss after a brutal massacre? Or dirty, white trash Russia in the music video «Everyday I’m drinking». After watching the soul remains an unpleasant aftertaste. All too messy and truthfully.

2. Elizbar

For those who have an acute intolerance of trash in the body, it is recommended arteterapia from a professional. After all, and in the vast Soviet Union always produced great instrumentalists. That’s a simple Kishinev guy Edward Suhari, having mastered in due time the harp has evolved from simple to multi-instrumentalist wizard who gives reverent peace and tranquility to your game, immersing the listener in a dream fairy with elves, dragons, and enchanting music. With his ensemble «Ann Sannat» under the pseudonym Elizbar, who concurrently is his baptismal name, he has traveled almost the whole world, and everywhere his music has been accepted on hurrah. Unfortunately, it does not cause such excitement as pop music, and remains undetected only among experts, but it seems she heals the soul. And this is important. So he conducted sessions of arteterapia around the world. Elizbar long lived in Hungary, and probably in this country, his work is most known. He now lives in Moscow, but looking at its history and tour schedule, I want to call him a man of peace, not hanging a label of national identity.

3. Meser Chups

Meser Chups is deadly surf rather strange character Oleg Gitarkina. Most interesting is that he had already enjoyed much greater demand abroad than in Russia: disc Messer Chups can be found in shops in Europe that in the US; another issue is that their origin Gitarkin not playing and the music never Russian. Therefore, in Russia the «Chupa» are doomed to failure. Surf we love only lovers, lovers of America of the 60’s and fans of «pulp fiction». And in Europe, especially in the South, and a lot of that audience, which is focused and specialized clubs, festivals, rock-n-roll, surf and so on. Meser Chups in the Russian group are quite similar. And all is to absolutely not care.

4. Mujuice

Mucosa in Europe know very well. No kidding Muscovite, with malocclusion signs American Pitchfork, which has provided him with Pixelord and Dza as the most adequate Russian mustakerov. He was lucky: none of its origins as an underground electronics from Russia has not received as much attention both at home and abroad. His solo performances go to the West, and already nobody cares that he is from Russia. There’s no matter from which country you are. No one thinks: «wow, Wow, in Russia people have computers there!»

In many ways this is thanks to the successful performance at major festivals. Or maybe just because he has talent and airtime simple electronics to chase makes no sense.

5. «Mumiy-Troll»

«Mummies-the Troll» is something very old» — trailer who. But recently, Lagutenko and the company toured with concerts several dozen cities in the U.S., released an English-language EP, «Paradise Ahead» and performed at the Craig Ferguson’s show on CBS.

Their success in the Asian frontier of our vast country also known. Anyway, the song «funneling» was originally written in Chinese, and to hear the «Trolls» in Japan is a common thing.

Now the guys do what creates all the rock band — conquer the world. So, they are unlikely to see buyers from the Western covers of the Rolling Stones. But at least the fact that in the West feel them of great interest, is already a success. I don’t care what happens in the second ten years of the band.

6. Pussy Riot

This is the only group not visited in the Western charts, but it is impossible not to mention. From the point of view of music is a comic story. Group, not a single song which no one anywhere else really heard, became the most famous musical band from Russia lately. Suffice it to say that in the West, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour known as the Pussy Riot Church.

Shortly after the arrest «Pusek» action in support of them have been musicians all over the world, ranging from Madonna and Paul McCartney to Mike Patton and The Knife and Die Antwoord. And still the foreign promoters are interested in how to drum up «Pusek» even despite the fact that lot of time has passed. And they can understand. It is necessary to know, that sing these are very popular ladies.

7. Classical music

Russian classics have always been in fashion. Drives Hvorostovsky diverge from the shelves like hot cakes. And his colleagues, the Opera singer Netrebko, enjoys such rabid support from abroad, have received citizenship in Austria, he loves it.

The name of Valery Gergiev and Bashmet knows every dog, able to distinguish from Stravinsky Schnittke. In 2008, the ensemble Bashmet «Soloists of Moscow» became the winner of the award «Grammy» — the first Russian chamber ensemble to be awarded this prestigious award for the entire 50-year history.

Russian classics have always been the price. A vivid example — the legendary Aram Khachaturyan. One of the recordings of the music of his ballet «Spartacus,» called Spartacus, which Khachaturian has made jointly with the London Symphony orchestra, came in 1972 in the British albums chart, reached the 16-th position and stayed there for 15 weeks.

Overall classic — this music is not for everyone. There are no innovations such as the pop. The main thing is to hone skills and make people beautiful.

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