Oscar 2015

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_pNjrE3k6DVKphAlready on February 22 in Los Angeles will be held the ceremony of awarding the major film awards, the leading of which will be Neil Patrick Harris. Surely you have already read the list of nominees and even watched some tape, presented at the 87th Oscar awards.

Edition manygoodtips.com in anticipation of this event makes their predictions on the winners. Join us, dude!

1. Birdman (Birdman)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_Cru0i3SWvUtoIIt is no coincidence that we begin with this film. And the film is generally? Rather, a real performance on the screen. Anyway, the tape is already 9 nominations, so it is worthy of viewing. «Birdman» is one of those times when art should not be treated clearly and calmly. On the other hand, a large number of nominations does not always guarantee the same number of awards. I think the film is Alejandro gonzález iñárritu will receive the prize for best Director, Edward Norton will be awarded for the best male role of the second plan and, of course, the picture will compete for the title of best film.

2. Hotel «Grand Budapest» (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_WJ8gxdGv0jBr3The number of nominations this Comedy drama is not inferior to «Birdman», but will be able to overtake him for the number of awards? Of course, the «Hotel» is one of the main contenders for the title of best film. Why? If you watched it, questions must arise over the last decade, it is difficult to recall a more pleasant picture with a good meaning and morals. Besides, there’s a request for a bunch of other awards: best music, best art and of course best costume design. The word «Hotel» can disrupt a good sum of figurines «Oscar».

3. The imitation game (The Imitation Game)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_R7ACKINJJET2lIt’s amazing how viewers love the story of Alan Turing. After the premiere of the film at the auction was put Notepad of the great mathematician, whose records became the basis for the solution of the German «Enigma». The starting price was one million dollars, but bidding is yet to come. As for the film, of course, a great contribution to his success made by his part Benedict Cumberbatch really playing a genius homosexual (that has got to be the best male role, m?). Besides, there were no cute (but not hot) keira Knightley, which really would have taken the award for best actress the second plan. Well, the main intrigue is: will be able to «snatch» the prize for best adapted screenplay in history another genius?

4. Sniper (American Sniper)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_v4eIWA6Q2g8paAnother dramatic story about how merciless war is. This time in Iraq. The film adaptation of memoirs about the events of sniper Chris Kyle presented in 6 categories and will surely compete for the title of best film. Besides, in the Clint Eastwood movie the good sets the tone for a strong game Bradley Cooper, who became one of the main contenders for the award for best actor. It is difficult to speculate about the nominations for best sound and editing, but the rewards are there non-excluded.

5. The theory of everything (The Theory of Everything)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_R5P5qu2sbkoBqAnother difficult biography: theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is endowed with outstanding intellectual abilities, but, unfortunately, very ill and paralyzed. Despite all these difficulties he succeeded not only to make a historically important breakthrough in the study of the Universe, but also to popularize science in General. Until the publication of «theory of everything» Hawking mentioned numerous times in TV shows, cartoons and television shows. Now came the moment of triumph at the award «Oscar». It is worth noting the strong acting Duo Eddie Redmayne and felicity Jones nominated for best male and female role respectively. It should be noted also that the eponymous book is a biography of Hawking is a bestseller, so the tape can count on the best adapted screenplay.

6. Interstellar (Interstellar)

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_XvW50jCIuMdF1This movie was written a million articles, shot thousands of commercials and made hundreds of memes, so go past it we just can’t. «Interstellar» – one of the paintings, which have five nominations for «Oscar». However, these nominations are not in the major categories: best music, best art, best sound, best visual effects. Boredom, in General. Sorry for McConaughey, because he was so desperate to transmit signals to your daughter! Anyway, all these stories about time travel and the mysteries of the Universe is always pleasing to the eye and forced to believe in something unearthly.

7. Other

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_VwSJs4XZ4vEy1I do not want to downplay the importance of movies such as «Boyhood,» «the Hunter on Fox», «Obsession» and the other nominees that were not mentioned in the article. The thing is that so far they simply have not reached the hands of the author. Perhaps if these and other tapes will win a coveted statuette, the level of attention paid to them will increase.

I want to wish good luck and victory) the Russian «Leviathan», Rosamund pike the award for best actress in «the Disappeared» and the award for best visual effects – «the Avenger», «X-Men» or «Guardians of the Galaxy».

Leonardo DiCaprio this year again will not get an Oscar, but he was still ahead.

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