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Who said religion can make it difficult to Express themselves? Generally, of course, it is even possible, but this guy named Meir, who is 34 and who is a Jew-Orthodox, with the success of shows that did so: it is possible to be a surfer, and to comply with the many rules of Orthodox Judaism. Oy-vey.

For the life of the Jewish Orthodox for about six months watched the famous surfer Gai, Stinberg, who filmed the life of this amazing man. Despite the fact that Orthodoxy does not welcome this lifestyle (in their opinion, is a waste of time), Meyer somehow managed to combine religion and an active lifestyle. Most interesting is that Meir was born in a completely secular family, with 12 years of surfing, while in the Philippines he met his future wife Navoi, who bore him six children. And then they moved to Israel and converted to Judaism. And not simple and Orthodox. Honestly, we have such a deep selection is not clear.

Meyer somehow manages to have good relations with its neighbors, Orthodoxy and be an important figure in the surfing world. Although it looks rather strange on the Board. But well done, dude, Oy-vey!

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