Or chickens, or steal petrol, a third is not given

manygoodtips.com_24.12.2013_Gag6WNYCDSoq7Darwin award again filled up by excellent staff who deprived our long-suffering gene pool of their useless genes. Today we talk about why Smoking is bad and Smoking and stealing gasoline is even worse. 62-year-old man from Oregon named Harry Frederick. Sanville. famous for highly original way. A man decided to save on gasoline, just stole it from the nearest gas station. At 11 a.m. Sunday, the man took out a canister and partially filled it with gasoline, carelessly Smoking a cigarette. What you have to be an idiot to not know that gasoline vapors are easily ignited? Harry scorched hair, drogue, clothes and hands, the fire spread to his car, which also caught fire. Police came to the rescue, which also refueled at this gas station, evacuated staff extinguished the fire, and Harry twisted, for nefig. Now he faces two deadlines: one for damage to property and theft.

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