Only you matter

How do we find it difficult to concentrate and how easily we get distracted! I myself at the earliest opportunity to climb in the social network — reading news, listening to new releases. Someone plays video games. And what is there to talk too, can shes to distracted.

We, the people, do anything to distract yourself from important. From something important? From themselves.

We are that uncomfortable in your own body? Maybe. This is the path of least resistance? Maybe so. Surely you too often mindlessly surfing Facebook or a chat with friends about anything. This text I would like all of us are married.

Are we moving away from ourselves?

With the spread of brainy smartphones and ubiquitous social networks, we are increasingly alienated from their own bodies. We are constantly something connected and stimulate at least one of the senses, and therefore get less enjoyment from reading books and time spent in solitude and silence.

When you have a free hour or two, what are you doing? Reaching out to the smartphone? Turn on the TV? It’s already more like reflexes than conscious choice: we always refer to the same forms of… entertainment, if you will. Although in reality this method is not timeto vlacica, and fromto vlacica.

If you try to resist the urge at least some way to stimulate their pleasure centers and instead take a deep breath and a moment to stop, it is likely that you will feel more energy in myself. Feel more alive.

Focus on yourself does not mean asking someone else’s attention

Whining to a friend about a hard day at work. Wrote a tweet about what you ate for lunch today. To post a new pic Vkontakte.

No, it is not considered. This is the complete opposite of focusing on yourself is the antithesis of communication. When you seek others ‘ approval and put their lives on display, it does not mean that you concentrate on yourself. This behavior is concentrated precisely on the other, aimed at attracting another’s attention, to cause other people’s thoughts and emotions. Moreover, act only uncertain people, it is a sign of weakness.

Three ways to focus on yourself

1. Meditation

To be alone with your thoughts — that’s an unnatural act for people who can never live without any kind of fun and fire as avoiding time alone with themselves, not with their own accounts. Sit alone and watch your breath. Get used to be alone — doing nothing and thinking about nothing.

2. Reading

Nothing prostimulirujte your imagination, like reading a book. Instead of quickly view images and videos with a few seconds from time to time moving the cursor to see how much is left, take the book and apply it properly. It is going to lead you to contemplation, peace and reflection.

3. Exercises

This is the easiest and surest way to feel your body and allow it to Express, to splash out energy. Can choose either option: dancing, gym, sports, Biking, Jogging — when you use your body on purpose, you turn your brain off and steamandsh.

Sometimes focus on the feelings, emotions and energy can be difficult, however, by doing this, you’ll feel stronger and will receive more enjoyment from any activity.

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