Only you know how to answer these questions

We’ve given you advice, but hardly ever, we stop doing it. Good friendly advice is always a price. On the other hand, there are a number of issues that are silly to comment on. Some of them come to our office. We are not omnipotent thinkers to answer everyone, especially when the answer is a simple phrase: you have to decide for himself. Seriously, you’re a grown man with his head on his shoulders. Ask for advice — good. But not always. Sometimes it is necessary to consider the solution of the problem of choice itself. Without other people, even if they are family, and sometimes without We will give a few of the questions, the answers to which depend only on you. Each issue highlights the problem, sometimes very small and sometimes huge.

Make me a tattoo?

Every second person who wants to fill his tattoo, «asks permission» from almost all of the people who surround him. He asks his girlfriend, brothers, moms and dads, friends and work colleagues. He pulls out his questions of his friends, who scored his whole body, from which they only bother. But why even ask that question of others? Why? You can say, give your body the power of others ‘ opinions, even though you’re supposed to dispose of them.

Want to fill flabby ass Yoko Ono on the chest? Stuff it! If you don’t want to do that, then don’t. You have to decide this issue — area can take you in the direction of, for example, by telling some «terrible secret» about the tattoos, though all tattooed affected by HIV.

To continue to learn?

We are often asked. And, to tell you, we answer such questions, examining in detail each case. But if you do not prevaricate, then you understand that it is important to give clear direction for action, and to enlighten people to make their own decisions. When it comes to their own future, it doesn’t matter that you advise the guy you don’t know. His experience would still be different from yours, and perhaps even the best advice will result in complete failure.

I quit my job?

Similar problem, but much more substantial. Leaving work can result in poverty and a pile of unpaid bills. You can fall into debt if you don’t have a livelihood. But any departure from work can mean for you and extremely fast rise up the career ladder. So sometimes to leave work need. But you don’t have to look for reasons on the side. If you like the work, and the girlfriend says you sit there your potential, then think twice before you go with this work — you are a unique person, if you like what I do for a life. So listen less to others and listen to yourself. Really want to leave work? Go, but first find a new one.

Whether to buy a house? To build it? Or rent?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Building a home is not easy, and even land you need to acquire. The purchase of an apartment is also easy will not name, and even the rent — the more, although sometimes it seems that the simplest solution to the housing problem. What to choose? The correct answer you will get. Each life situation requires specific analysis, economic situation, and self-discipline.

Well, you can’t take out a mortgage, if you can’t deal with student debt, you know what we are? You must weigh all the «pros» and «cons» and only then say which of the options is «Yes». You do not need to ask anyone — the experience of others can lubricate the right decision, and you don’t need.


«I’m 25, it’s time to have children, the wife is constantly talking about it,» said the stupidity of one of the friends guys. We told him: «are You serious? You know, children are not dogs, and not even the fish under the sea!». We say that no one should decide for you when you should inject his seed in the woman to get their copies. If you don’t want children — don’t go on about «family friends, relatives and even their women. For kids need responsibility, and it will come only when you yourself will understand that you need them.

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