One trucker, 26.06.2013, km4KPludVTyID4ARyNOMsMP310H1UmuJ

Multitools are very, very different, but most often it is a variation on a theme the Swiss army knife or one piece that has everything. Today multitool original in form and content, and that is very important to me personally in once any multitool seemed really helpful and friendly. This strange stuff is dubbed the Trucker’s Friend («friend of the truck driver»), but I personally called him «friend of the trucker», because I like it. «Friend» made in the USA and has rather decent quality. The producers themselves have positioned your multitool as a universal assistant truck driver. If you need something to pull, to break, to tear, to kill — the multitool will fit just perfect. There’s a curved axe, hammer, crowbar and crowbar and lever to pull any items, if you, for example, lacks power. Ideal in case of disasters, well placed in the trunk of any car. Or under the table!, 26.06.2013, 7iNQFyq4Ug7xnmpMYuNBpt8Kuki8uxV6

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