One family pursues the pheasant


Sometimes animal behavior is very strange. Really!

This interesting and cute type name is Phil. As you can see, man, he’s a pheasant! Small and nice looking bird. But it affects civilians, namely a woman named Sally-Ann Hudson, who lives in Britain, in the County of Shropshire.

The woman and her family can’t go outside without being attacked by evil Phil, so they always have to carry something like rackets or leather gloves to fend off the stubborn pheasant. Every day Phil lurking family members Sally-Ann Hudson and attacks them. This madness continued for 4 months.

Sally tried to make friends with the pheasant food, but it still does not work.

This situation would be like a Hitchcock movie, if it wasn’t so funny. Not to say that Sally is suffering from a pheasant, just got it all.

However, the smart scientists believe that Phil believes that Sally was a male who wandered into his territory. And pheasants.


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