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Read your last post about nerd lifestyle. Describe so clearly only the people, themselves former nerd. I agree with everything you have listed. But I have the feeling that this is all related to those who play computer games without attacks. But there are people who spend days watching TV shows that always sit in social networks, buried in their smartphones. In fact, it’s too nerdy, because the person does not depart from the monitor?

It turns out, people are divided into those who spends more time behind a computer, smartphone, etc.

But there is another circle of people, this logic can also be attributed to campers. Those who spends all day reading books.

And it’s all wrong? What’s the difference, a man sitting at the computer and thinks that life without him is meaningless, or sitting reading a book, and he has the same thought?

I guess I asked the question somewhat vague.

The answer

Hello, dear friend. Thank you, that is called a pussy, so nice and cool I previously never had, even when I broke my nose. Thank you for the constructive criticism. Although in reality was colosetti period, just don’t think I’m playing hard to get or ashamed of your past, no, I just wanted to see from the entire Internet. And features that make us a kind of nerd.

I feel it is necessary to give comments to the above article that caused so much controversy and opinions. Frankly, the increased attention to her was a surprise for me, since it seems that on this topic all long since been told and retold. But apparently it is as relevant and vital as the relationship between men and women – topics which someday will be the death of humanity. Sounded criticism towards what we superficially painted methods of getting rid of derdowski of the disease, but, man, the subject of the article sounded in the context of «what causes it», and «how to clean» was the theme of a separate conversation. Although there is nothing to talk about: take yourself together and do business – that’s the cure for such diseases. Ought to know, not the tea boy. For a start, at least on the street outside.If you read carefully, the article was more about those who sit in a perpetual «online» and phone nerds has been mentioned. Maybe not as thoroughly as this topic deserves, but on the other hand, we already wrote about this more than once. If you look carefully, something else will pop up, and rewritten hundreds of times about what has already been written, at least silly and a maximum chernousenko. The article would be a synthesis of the nerds of all ranks, victims of games, Internet and telephone. It in the first place was an attempt to emphasize the negative health, and not to the classification and razmusolivat methods of getting rid of zadrotstva. You correctly noted: «it turns Out, people are divided into those who spends more time behind a computer, smartphone, etc.» Although, in fact, no matter what holds you captive: you go, buried in the display, or sitting stuck in the monitor. And actually here the answer to your question without the question starts.

In General you’re right, but you need to protect people who just love to read and aim to read per day or week the book to become smarter, to enrich the language, be smart quotes. Their difference from nerds is that they at the same time doing a lot of stuff and are able to critically assess the reading. Often they do it for work and other selfish purposes. But nerds spend on books all day and night, projecting the image of the main characters trying to survive their experiences. Well, when a great book changes the way your thinking, a slightly altered perception of the world. But, when you turn into a well-read sufferer that lives in the cloud of futility that affected Dostoevsky absorbed the eclecticism of the Russian soul and a reflection of the author, it is a problem. The problem comes when you become dark, soft shit after Copeland and Wuthering heights when I read books above other things. That these forms rare book zadrotstva much more dangerous zadrota computer.

Another noted people who read voraciously, but did not stand out read. I mean not an easy adventure fiction (although there is always something to take note of), and serious philosophical works. However, such people have to read everything. Why, then, to read if Outlook is not expanding much, and thinking as it was at the level of mouse feces, and remains, to me, in General, is unclear, but all read and read.To read it is very good, we have three years to talk about it, but it’s not the quantity but the fact that you’re reading, as what pass from read. In fact, we also wrote. Here the problems begin.

Hope that answered the question and excuses not tired. Live and be happy.

Sincerely yours, manygoodtips.com.

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