On the steering WHEEL CAMPSTOVE — for those who cannot live without high technology

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Perhaps fire is not the most useful thing in the life of mankind. He gave us warmth, warm food, along with another chance for survival.

For example, I am not a strong supporter of a return to life, what is it with hunting and gathering. I like to go to nature to visit. This thing is suitable for those dudes that, «nature is coming to visit», constantly pulling a thousand and one device. And spare batteries for it.

Now this is not necessary, because someone genius invented the WHEEL CAMPSTOVE. In a large barrel capacity is fuel: twigs, branches, needles, whatever. This stuff is ignited, there is a strange magic (probably alchemical) reaction, and your phone or other device with a USB connector is powered from the mains. Magic only.

About charging speed, to be honest, I have no idea. The cost of the WHEEL CAMPSTOVE is $ 130.

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