On February 14? The opinion of a friend about what women want.

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2014_MKg8eNApbCCEr Our office manygoodtips.com recently thought about the life of dolphins best could tell the dolphins themselves. With this in mind, we took a suggestion from our reader-writer, which will now share with us your point of view on problems, issues and tupnyak that appear in our lives because of women. She proposed the theme of Valentine’s Day was an opportune moment, because, by a happy coincidence, until February 14. The event, to put it mildly, not particularly significant, but still another reason to get drunk on light in the trash for those thumps, and screwing to do the week ahead for those Fucks.

I’ve recently learned that not all men are aware of future slobbery snotty-holiday. If you are one of them and you have a girlfriend or object of desire and attention, misleading: it in the and, moreover, will wait for response from your side. Keep in mind: the occasion was mutual, and that means you have a chance to be trapped, if your friend took care of the gift or surprise, and you don’t.

One of my friends hated this day when I was alone, saying that everything around is imbued with love and tenderness, and you’re useless. Yes, to be sure, even neogynona girl on Valentine’s day may feel unhappy: it starts in my news feed that someone who gave, and understand that she has left not at Affairs. In this case, with a probability of 90 percent (if your friend, of course, no exception), she’ll be upset, or worse, will leave you a universal offense.

So, ending the foreplay, move on to:

What I want to girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Corny, but flowers…

All (or almost all) girls love them and will appreciate this token. It is desirable that it was her favorite flower. But if you do not know her preferences, it’s time to know about them, even asking her directly (trust me, it’s her would be nice). Also there are different variations on the theme: flowers and soft toys, flowers and balloons, flowers, balloons — soft toys, flowers and a gift (mind you, with a soft toy is not as easy as flowers: love them all).

Possible failure: one red rose, one gerberas and any other flowers donated in such quantities.

Again, corny, but… balls

A lot of them will not write, let me just say one thing: it’s just balloons – a failure: they must be combined with something else. In a duet with the beautifully packaged gift!


Conditionally divide on two possible options: at home and outside the home.

Options home romantandCA:

  • Dinner. It is, first and foremost, delicious food. Do not have to cook it yourself, you can order. It all depends on your taste preferences, such as pizza and tasty beer, sushi and wine, sweet (dessert) and champagne. If a girl likes a little stronger, so, do not forget about alcohol at all: he is (in correct doses) will relax you and your friend and will help unleash women’s sexuality.
  • Joint taking a bath, erotic massage and stuff like that, I will not describe, because they are so clear. Let me just say about one important point: it is necessary to warn the girl about the surprise the night before or the morning of 14 February. Why? Tell… us girls, most of them want you saw us always fragrant, smooth profilirovannymi (shaved), good hair and nails, so to speak, not only for myself. And at the moment when the case goes to its logical romantic ending, I would like to be prepared.

Options out-of-home romance:

  • Active: karting, bowling, windtunnel. Most importantly, the girlfriend was a sporty and well-treated such ideas. Don’t be surprised if it will still come to the meeting «armed» and the «logical conclusion».
  • Less active: restaurant, cinema, theatre, going to the Spa for a double massage… the main thing is to book everything in advance, that was not by chance that you came to the theater, and all the tickets two weeks ago was already sold out. Also don’t forget the same colors since the beginning of the text.

And finally, the gift:

In my opinion, a gift in this day is not obligatory, because it is not birthday and not even the 8th of March. But, first, this is just my opinion, and secondly, if you have the desire and ability, a friend, of course, would be nice.

Gift options:

  • Linen (if it’s your friend, not the object of desire). Not to be mistaken with the size, you can quietly sneak out of her wardrobe bra and panties, bodysuit or what you are going to buy. Do not be afraid of going to the store, because I work there girls with great pleasure will pick up and will help determine the size for example.
  • Of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc. (if you have the opportunity and the she loves jewelry). The main thing is to be careful with the ring, if you don’t want to imply anything. There was a case when one my friend question from my sweet, «What do you want for the New year?» answered, «the Ring». She had nothing in mind, just wanted a new ring. They went to the store, bought a ring. In the evening came home, and he (apparently tormented by heavy thoughts) directly told her, they say so and so, I’m sorry, I’m not ready to marry… She explained that is not ready and not hinted, but you gotta admit, this is awkward.
  • Something is needed suddenly in a conversation with her you heard that she wants something and she’s going to buy it. Ahead of her, she will be doubly pleased, because you are a very attentive listener and generally caring man. Also you can just ask, if she wants something, if not ashamed – to say. In any case, she will again be nice because you asked — you will receive one hundred points for his peasant aura.


Possible failure: device or item for your home/home use (except when she asked). All sorts of pots, pans, and other «pleasures» it is better to buy just under a joint campaign by the supermarket.

About gift packing do not write because I think without my comments it is clear that he looks cooler, if carefully and beautifully packaged.

And remember: do not be afraid to seem too romantic or dribbling. Fortunately there is a special day of the year when you could openly tell a friend about your feelings. Girls really love it, and you will get very good dividends.

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