Old slot machine

slot machines

Slot machines are more than just a thing that you can put coins and then enjoy the passing game. No. Slot machine, man, this whole phenomenon, the whole era — without them we were current, there would be a lot of games that we now chopped on emulators. So the importance of gaming machines for men it is difficult to overestimate. So let’s give them credit and learn about their rich past: as the saying goes, heroes must know in person.

Let’s just stipulate that we are not talking about those slot machines, which yanked the lever, and wait’ll see the same thing or not. We’ll be talking about arcade slot machines where you can take different, though not very complex, but very enjoyable game.


slot machines

The first arcade game (or rather, their previous versions) a hundred years ago was located in amusement parks. It was tyra, the game, when I had to get the ball somewhere there and stuff. But the coins fed not ones that we imagine now: a long time ago on this principle functioned only machines that prophesied destiny, or lost to mechanical music. And current arcade machines came to us from American parks 20-ies of XX century, for example, Coney island in new York — it was there first appeared, and the atmosphere of arcade games.

In the 30-ies of XX century was made the first pinball machine that run with the help of coins. They differed from their younger brothers that was made of wood, and they had no pistons, lighted signs with the bonuses on the playing surface and electronic scoring. Around 1977 most pinball machines in production switched to using solid state electronics for the control and counting points in the game.

Electromechanical games

In 1966, Sega introduced to the public electro-mechanical game called Periscope. It was one of the first simulators of submarines and light-gun shooter, which used lights and plastic waves to simulate sinking ships from a submarine. The game has gained popularity all over the world: Japan, Europe and North America, and there it was the first slot machine, the game which cost 25 cents at a time — then a few generations of dudes habitually pulled handfuls quarter to play slot machines. In 1967, Taito released an electro-mechanical game Crown Soccer Special sports game for two players, which simulate the game of football; it was used in various electronic components, including electronic versions of pinball.

A little later, the Sega arcade, which was like first person shooters, but in fact it was an Electromechanical game, in which the image was projected on the technology of ancient Zoetrope (with the help of this ancient dudes we designed the moving animals on the screen). The first game was a light gun shooter Duck Hunt, which Sega released in 1969. On the screen was a moving target, the score of the player printed on the ticket, and the volume of the sound effects can be controlled. In the same year, Sega has issued Electromechanical arcade — race Grand Prix first-person with electronic sound, a dashboard, an accelerator. The road to the screen scrolled forward like you it really go. In the same year, Sega gave another game — Missile — shooter and a simulator of military equipment, equipped with an electronic sound and a moving film to represent targets on a projection screen. It is also the first known arcade games which used a joystick with a «fire» button; when the plane was shot down, on the screen there was an animated explosion, accompanied by appropriate sound. In 1970, the game was released in North America under the name S. A. M. I. by Midway. In the same year, Sega produced a Jet Rocket, simulator of hostilities with the cockpit, with it, the plane is «moving» across the landscape on the screen and missiles shot at the target that explode upon impact.

Following the release of Pong in 1972 electro-mechanical arcade games were replaced by electronic video games. Then Sega released an electro-mechanical game called Killer Shark, light gun first-person shooter, which is then glorified appeared in the 1975 film «Jaws». In 1974, Nintendo published the game Wild Gunman, a light gun shooter that used full-motion video projection from 16 mm film to reflect the cowboy-enemies on the screen. One of the last successful Electromechanical arcade — F-1racing, developed by Namco, which was later released on the Atari in 1976 ode. The game was shown in the movie «dawn of the dead» and «midnight madness». However, the 1978 video game Space Invaders have had even greater influence on the popularity electro-mechanical games.

Arcade video games

slot machines

In 1971 students at Stanford University made Galaxy Game, version video games Spacewar, which had to be fed coins. This is the earliest known video games that were launched with the help of coins. In the same year, Nolan Bushnell created the first massive such game, Computer Space, for Nutting Associates.

In 1972 Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney created Atari. His game Pong , the company has produced an entire industry of video games on coins, was the first successful game — ping-pong. Pong was popular, but imitators not allowed the company to take a leading position in the market of coin-operated video games.

The Golden age

Game Space Invanderers company Tatio in 1978 was the first popular video game blockbuster. Its success marked beginning Golden age arcade video games. Arcade game machines spread that little «play areas» appeared in restaurants, shops, bars, movie theaters around the United States, Japan and other countries in the late 70s and early 80-ies of the last century. Game Space Invanderers, Galaxian, Pacman, Battlezone, Defender , and Bosconian were especially popular. By 1981, the arcade video game industry was estimated at $ 8 billion.

During the 70-80-ies of the last century the network of restaurants and bars are specially equipped places arcade games, and in the late eighties arcade fever began to subside due to the wide spread of home consoles. Prior to 1991 earnings of arcade games fell to $ 2.1 billion. However, in the same year was released the game Street Fighter II, which drew on an arcade machine new and old saratikov, loved the fighting game. The game for the first time ogilivie industry slot machines since the old PAC-man. And then there was 3D graphics, and until the mid-nineties gonochki and light gun shooter games added arcade machines popularity. Until 1994, the United States came from the arcade machines amounted to $ 7 billion, from home game consoles — 6 billion of added: a popular game for home consoles came out and for machines in General, it was a profitable business.

Over time, the popularity of slot machines was falling, and in 2004, the profit from them was only $866 million to one billion is not reached. Sad, man. By the time it arrived, the possibility of a cut in the games through the Internet so slot machines and all were forgotten-pozabroshen.

Our days

slot machines

Today slot machines have occupied the same niche. Clearly, all these arcade games you can play on the console, but the point of machines is that it is more social classes, focused on the fight to the competition, to show off and outdo the other guy. And the same time and the rhythm games like Dance-Dance and DrumMania. In Japan slot machines are so generally popular until now. For example, in 2009 the profit of the arcade market was estimated at $ 20 billion — you just think, man! This, incidentally, is the largest segment of the Japanese gaming industry. Even the console (3.5 billion) and mobile games ($2 billion) do not go with them to any comparison. So there is still these old men shot in the locker!

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