Old George Clooney

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_IEF8vbsvCUdjjPornography Clooney dream of every woman after 30 years. What made him different from other men and why it is loved by millions, we don’t know. But women call it the natural charm. We must admit that for his 53 years, he looks cheerful.

George was incredibly lucky to be born in a creative and interesting family. His father was well versed in politics and he is a popular presenter on the channel American Movie Classics , and when my mother became a beauty Queen. In addition to the popular parents ‘ Clooney is a relative of the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The guy was lucky and it is clear that being born in such a family he simply had no choice. He had whatever was the superior of his relatives, or at least reach their level.

Clooney’s childhood was messing up with his father on various television studios, where his father took part in the filming. George loved spending place in interesting places, especially where loved his dad. But for some reason he decided that when he grows up to be a lawyer. Of course, his desire was not to materialize. Clooney very soon he realized that it was a stupid idea and he lost interest in the law.

At that time George was in high school and dreamed of a beautiful life, bad news snuck up behind him. Soon, the future actor was struck by bell’s palsy, the disease was handed down to him from his father. About a year he was paralyzed left side of his face. At school he was nicknamed Frankenstein, and all because he could not open his eyes and he couldn’t eat normally. Of course violent kids pounced on him with derision, the result has been a psychological trauma.

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_ksgCV8Px0nvh4Since childhood, Clooney suffered from the fact that it is constantly compared with his father. He couldn’t endure, and soon decided to go to the actors. But it was not as easy as he thought. For a long time George could not find any worthwhile role. He continued to study at the University a couple of years and got his first role in the movie filmed by his cousin.

Clooney had to move to Los Angeles, that’s exactly what he did and spent all of 1982 in this town. For him to live anywhere, and had to spend the night in the bathroom with friends. After a while he got the role in the film, where he worked with Charlie sheen. Clooney still thinks that it was thanks to this work, he began an acting career. Despite the fact that the film never saw the light because she was not released.

George became famous thanks to the filming of the TV series «er», probably you saw at least a few episodes. Is that the one where Clooney pediatrician walked around the hospital in scrubs and put in place. It is not strange, but the work in this project brought the actor a nomination for all the major television awards America.

After working in the TV series «er» Clooney’s success began to grow and soon he got the role in the film «From dusk till dawn». In this film, George played the unusual role of the villain. Now the life of a successful actor has changed. He never goes on auditions for a role in a low budget picture. Now he is offered a contract, and he can easily be dropped. A good career for a few years.

In addition to her acting career Clooney tried himself in the role of producer. His debut was the film «Kilroy». He even received an Oscar as producer in the category «Best film» for the film «Operation Argo». Clooney repeated winner of the Golden globe and Oscar. It is really interesting actor.

Despite the success in the career of George is not very smooth in his personal life. For 53 years this guy never been married. Although it may be cool and Vice versa. It does not hinder the knot, but often wakes up in the arms of the most beautiful women in the world. He even made a bet with Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer $10,000, the girls were convinced that the main bachelor of the country to forty years will find my beloved and marry her. Of course Clooney won.

Recently there are rumors that George Clooney is going to go into politics. His charisma and many admirers can help him in this matter. Get him a good politician, as the actor nobody knows. But if nothing happens, he may again return to the movie, as did one of our heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger.

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_3JACVzcbCZzF6Not a bad life. Or rather the good life, given that he was born in an artistic family and he was at first the prospects for a wonderful life. But don’t be jealous and just be happy for the old days. After all, famous people are not always happy. You can be happy just eating delicious barbecue.

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