Old fashioned relationship advice

relationship advice

Some tips on relationships is just terrible. Hell, most of them. And the best advice is being ignored — that’s so illogical how the world works. People think it’s all a cliché, the old stuff, and as a result not pay for such advice any attention. But in old-fashioned advice full of wisdom, they are useful. In relationships as in other spheres of life, the classics never gets old. Here’s five great tips, I bet.

1. Leave the past in the past

You know that look that a girl will measure you from head to toe when you mention girlfriend used to sleep? Or you ekaet heart when you hear something about the jerk she used to date? No one wants to compete with the past. If she asks you about your ex or about how many girls have you been with, just tell me what you think it is not important: the important thing now. If she can’t pacify your interest, you can. Do not discuss previous relationships, sex and romance component in them. She did not need to hear about it, and so do you.

2. Don’t praise her on a pedestal

One guy told me that his grandfather once told him never to chase trades, and women. The reason is that they always change next will come — sooner than you think. Why not to rush with his new girlfriend, as if she were made of glass? First, not a crystal. She is a woman and you are man. Remember: no matter what she was beautiful, once you get tired of all this shit. Don’t get me wrong, like I’m not a fan of relationships. I have a friend. But it is important to have a realistic idea of the woman you are Dating. Everything else will lead to trouble. That is, in the end you will be upset, hurt and disappointed. And this is not good.

3. Don’t manipulate

There are relationships, when you realize that nothing develops. Men differ from boys in the way they handle it. If you’re still not grown up, you will continue to use her for sex, telling her compliments at the right time, to support her hope. If you’re a man, you tell her politely, gently, but a tone that did not require objection that you have nothing. So, disappoint and reject another person is always difficult. If you don’t love her, hardly with time that will change. So, it runs in the family, but why willingly condemn themselves to a life of an unloved friend? There is not any reason! Besides, if she loves you, and you pretend to love her, too, that interested him more. This will lead you to disaster. When you realized that you don’t feel anything, tell her about it. Your brain draws you a terrible picture, but I assure you, everything in life is much easier.

4. Remember that relationships go through different levels

Not so fast, dude. To hurry. She will be there, you’ll be with her if your relationship has a future. We are not opposed to the old plan about the kiss on the first date, second base second, sex third. Don’t be a hypocrite. But you need to move gradually. Easy Dating, serious Dating, life together, engagement, marriage — all the time. Don’t spoil unnecessary haste. Life is not a romantic Comedy, where everything is clear after a couple of hours.

5. No friendship with former

I know you with the former things to remember. But if honestly, how many of them have you left in good terms? Email exchange from time to time and have a nice chat at a chance meeting — this is normal. But hanging out all the time — it’s no good, especially if you have a new girlfriend. Don’t do that, man, your closeness has passed, do not pull out. Leaving — leave.

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