Old-fashioned Dating rules that you want to return

We don’t talk that early to meet up with friends it was better or worse, but we can definitely say that Dating was the others.

Our generation is radically different from all past generations. We changed our reality, we have changed the order of his day, we changed the leisure, entertainment, and, of course, we have changed the essence of Dating.

Once the choice of a friend took a lot more time, everything proceeded more slowly, sex was not on the third, and even at the first meeting. While we are less spaced out, but spent more time in the real world. I am sure that the rules of Dating with the opposite sex from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, not everyone seems excellent, but some things we could learn from. For example, these.

Acquaintance blind

You just the name and nothing more. Google – fuck, Instagram – hell, cyberstalking – hell! Now people know each other terribly much in the first day. It kills the whole marriage game, destroys the excitement. Previously, there were no profiles in VK, no-one has reviewed hundreds of photos of food, dogs and lips. All did not care. But it was a more difficult path, which could get more honest information about the person. One way or another, but the profiles in social networks by and large represent the masks, not real faces.

It is understood that the hard way in some cases is the best option. Yes, girls are harder to follow this advice (from the point of view of security), strolling through town too many perverts and serial killers. But you, man, what are you afraid of?

If you’re meeting a friend, which plainly didn’t see it, then you start to appreciate the best invention of mankind – words. The conversation takes on a magical color. You ask the questions that you are really interested in and not those the answers to which you have been read in the profile. So, it’s not as convenient as knowing everything in advance. Modern communication technology saves a lot of time to search for a sexual partner. But sometimes that «convenience» reduces the relationship.

If meet a person, do not be distracted

And we mean the problem with tablets, phones, iPads. Too vital thing is that the girls that have dudes. And there is no difference, the first time you meet a friend or hundredth. Rule of a gentleman: don’t get distracted by shit that has buttons to push and a screen to look at him.

Ideally, the phone should be hidden from prying eyes, to not answer calls, check messages is impossible. So, even if it’s work, because there is time that is allotted to her loved ones, not everyday Affairs. One life to live, not nine. Moreover, interaction with such devices alienate you from reality, despite the fact that these devices are a part of reality.

Pay attention to the girl let it be known that you’re there and not somewhere in cyber space. Don’t be a dick!


It exists, even if you don’t believe it. It is, in fact, a matter of personal experience because we all were once cynical bastards, and partially remains so.

But we realized one very important thing: if you have a long relationship without romance and passion, this relationship – shit, which can be described by the phrase «out of habit». And keep that fire that was in the beginning not easy, but really. To do this, at least need to stop being lazy. So, stop being a lazy despondency, because when a friend with you for a long time, you relax, I think that you all have, and effort is not necessary. We cease to think about the fact that when we had a certain etiquette of relationships, which gradually disappeared under the onslaught of time, the modern world.

And contemporary Dating, they can be called «practical». Everyone is looking for practicality, comfort each other. This is good if you don’t need anything else from a friend, but bad if you were expecting something more exciting. Remember the old school: banal surprises and candlelight dinners, banal flowers and etiquette. All this was vulgar, but the vulgarity necessary to create atmosphere. There is something noble in those sexistic seemingly times.

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