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By.kom.ua_15.09.2014_gIErkdguyY8Y6You care for your beard exactly the same as the MOP on his head: wash, cut, comb, but somehow forget one not less important step — oiling! What will it take? The of beard oil moisturizes the often dry skin under the beard and makes the beard soft, it looks neat, and, besides, it smells good. All the women your man!

You can prepare your own oil for beards, and we will tell you how to do it and what oil is most suitable.

1. Ingredients


  • Bottle for your copyright oil;
  • Small measuring Cup (you can use a glass with mommy’s service);
  • A small funnel;
  • Base oil (we used oils of jojoba, sweet almond and coconut);
  • Essential oils (we took tea tree oil, mint, cinnamon and orange).

Oils you can buy at the pharmacy. Be prepared for the fact that they are not cheap. One jar will cost from 50 to 200 rubles, although maybe more. But you will still save because you will need a couple of drops of each oil, which means that the jars you will last for many years. By the way, do not rush to buy everything on the list, most likely, your friend a bunch of these oils, first ask her. And anyway, better that she buy the oil, but then again, you take some crap.

Base and essential oils

Accordingly, they will constitute the basis for the final product. Plus, these oils is that they dilute the essential oils which are very concentrated and in large doses can damage your skin.

What you need to know about these oils:


  • Jojoba — similar to the oil that your body produces, and therefore it is easily absorbed by the skin;
  • Argan — makes skin softer and protects against signs of aging such as wrinkles;
  • Sweet almonds — save them from inflammation, which is especially helpful when growing a beard;
  • Coconut is one of the best natural moisturizers on the planet, great for dry skin;
  • Hazelnut — helps prevent acne;
  • Hemp seed is another moisturizing oil that prevents hair breakage.

Now about essential oils, that you meet regularly. For example, when you peel an orange and squeeze it a crust, then this releases the essential oil. Congratulations, you got orange essential oil! But it is better to buy it at the pharmacy and not to do yourself.

A little about essential oils: you need to amaze your friend with this knowledge:


  • Cedar — helps prevent the appearance of acne;
  • Eucalyptus — helps to avoid skin irritation;
  • Lemon — invigorates, like a good after-shave lotion;
  • Peppermint — invigorates and refreshes the skin;
  • Amla — repairs damaged hair.

Other essential oils used for fragrance: sandalwood, clove, sage, rosewood, tea tree, vanilla, etc. There are over 100 essential oils available to consumers.

So, enough history, let’s get to it:

2. Measure out and pour oil

It’s really very simple — to make your of beard oil, now you are about to find out. In fact, do not have to choose those oils that we have offered, you can choose other flavors, it all depends on your taste.




Besides, you don’t have to take a few basic oils and choose one. We took all three and measured out 15 ml of each base oil. Using a funnel pour oil in an empty bottle prepared. And, Yes, if you decide to use coconut oil, don’t be surprised that it will be hard. First, you will need it to melt.



Now start ethereal. For a good flavour you need a maximum of 3-5 drops of essential oil. Mix different types of oils to achieve desired scent.

3. A good shaking


Now close the bottle lid and shake a couple of times. Enjoy divine flavor. By the way, oil for beards ready!

Slightly dampen your fingers with oil and blot with a beard. Now it is soft and shiny, just like in the movies.

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