Oh God, she had no orgasm

she had no orgasmYou try-try, try-try, and I was looking for. You used all your tricks, all tricks known to you, tried so hard and got nothing. How to be?

For a start, remember that women are wired a little differently than we do. Sometimes it’s not just the orgasm: they still get pleasure from the process.

We’ll give you some tips on how to be, if you have nothing.

1. Say what you want her cumshot

For women it is important that we think about their satisfaction. If you behave selfishly, they are unlikely to want to have sex with you again — why waste time and effort if you don’t care about anything except their own pleasure? Tell me what you’d like, and show enthusiasm in achieving his goal. If all else fails, think of something new. The main thing — do not overdo it with dirty talk.

2. Do not overdo it

Women will appreciate your efforts and your enthusiasm. However, when her orgasm is the only thing that’s bothering you, it will be hard to focus. If orgasm happens, it happens — no need to constantly ask her out. As soon as you open your mouth, things immediately in any way. If not wait for her and finished himself, so be it. Just try to make it happen as infrequently as possible.

3. Keep doing what you’re doing

If at the hearing it seems that she likes it, the way it is. Do not stop halfway, to ask if everything was all right: all well and good, but if you stop, you’ll have to start all over again. Not like she corrected.

4. Ask her what she likes

For some, this specific theme. Someone enough of dirty talk. Who needs the additional stimulation, or even a vibrator. Ask, bring it up, and if she’s not ready to talk to you about it, she at least will know that you are ready for a Frank conversation and open to her extravagant desires.

5. Don’t be mad

If she has no orgasm, not aggravate it with your own stories about what «all women with whom you slept, came to her no one complained». It’s maybe not you, and her, and then she’ll get upset. But if it’s you, she will tell you about it and upset you.

6. Keep trying

Even if she says she’s fine, don’t think that it will forever abandon the prospects to have an orgasm. Keep up the good work, let her relax, and all eventually will.

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