Oh God, I’m doing the wrong thing

robly not the sameFirst of all, when you come to work, do you think your plan for the day. Check the working box and look at what is on the table, go to the meeting, and this all contributes to the picture of your work for the day. But where to start?

You start to do something and then I remember about a million other things: suddenly, there is something more important that you ought to take in the first place? The problem recurs again and again: every time you start to do something, millions of other things to screw with your head (all of them potentially urgent, they need to do quickly, since you pressed the ass) and to divert your attention.

You never know what to grab? You’re worried about always doing something?

It happens to many. Sit, do business, and here somewhere in the back of your mind a voice: «Hey, man, you ought to check the money came from e-wallet for that email for work, not to correct the text?» And it never ends.

Despite this, it is possible to do the important things and not to break off. First you have to understand where you got your fear.

The nature of fear

Where does this fear? Why can’t we just be confident that you’re doing the right thing, since not sit idly by? That’s what we lack.

When we were kids, we were always told what to do. Parents and teachers gave us directions, and we just could not go astray, unless you wanted to. Of course, their actions are not always loved us, and often do not coincide with our desires, but not without losses. But we have not had any doubts about what we should do because we had the instructions of the person who had authority over us.

When it was joyless adult, ceased to be so clear. Now on us there is no boss but themselves: even if theoretically we have a boss, we still have the opportunity to choose between a bunch of different jobs, projects and methods, not to mention personal Affairs: Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. We make choices many times every day, and nobody tells us which one is correct.

Before my eyes always there are examples of super productive dudes, and we think that they certainly never wrong, and always believe in yourself. So, this is an illusion. No one ever not sure of anything, nobody is exempt.

We are going through, because I want to do everything perfectly and, moreover, not to complicate the process. It would be cool: never to be confused neither in work nor in his life — a pleasure.

So, we have a desire not to embarrass myself and to do everything perfectly, and we are afraid that this will not happen. Dynamics exists in every moment, in everything that we do, although nobody seems to notice or talking about it — all just worried and catching up with someone.

What is the problem? Realize! Realize that you are constantly progressing, and that’s enough for a start.

How to overcome this fear

1. To figure it out. Catch yourself in the excitement as soon as you start to feel it, or when again will start to sort out in my head the options of other activities that you ought to do right now. Just pay attention to what is happening to you, observe that. Don’t be afraid of this fact, don’t worry, don’t hate. Just pay attention.

2. To take it all. This stuff will always be in your head. You’re always going to worry as long as you distinguish yourself from a flower in a pot on the windowsill. So why be afraid? Common. And especially do not try to suppress the excitement: will not work. Just suck it up and get used to it.

3. Excitement means that the job is important to you. Pick something to do. Anything. Note how you a growing excitement. This is normal. So you know that it really matters to you, otherwise why do it?

4. Put before itself aim not to be distracted. Before you start your task, promise yourself at least five minutes not to get distracted by other things — don’t even think about them. These are the most important five minutes you will gain confidence: you’ll do this thing whatever it was. Perfect things do not exist, and we are looking for them because it’s an interesting quest. Instead, focus on what you’re busy right now and don’t get distracted.

5. To fulfill this goal. A logical consequence of the previous paragraph. Starting to worry noticed, smiled, resigned, and then… began to do business. Everything will work out. Maybe not great, but you can do this. Here’s the triumph.

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