Office romance: how not to stumble

office romance

Who has not happened, relations at work? I have not happened, but the sight is one example. One of my friends dude lives with his girlfriend, who works in the same office. Despite the fact that everything (even think it’s a good tone-this behavior to condemn, in some cases it works.

Judge for yourself: with our colleagues we spend more time than anyone else. We have common interests, because we are engaged in the same industry. Casual relationships — is also predictable, because after corporate events and late night parties, booze, and completes what we started glances in the office.

If so and you’re Dating a girl from work that is possible and what is not? How not to zafeylit in front of the entire office?


Well: to keep up appearances. Even if the whole office saw your tongues intertwined on the dance floor last Friday, it does not mean that you have to repeat it in front of everyone when you get back to work on Monday. It is not necessary to wearily lean over the tables to each other and to clamp around the water cooler. Your colleagues it will irritate and cause nausea. The boss will not be happy and probably won’t give you a raise. Sucks, huh?

Bad: becoming an antisocial couple. It happens sometimes. Think about it, what it looks like when two of the whole team form a closed cocoon. They show feelings to each other and interested in each other, and the interaction with other colleagues is reduced only to the minimum necessary so as not to be rude. They become the most boring segment of the office! Come to work together, go together, have dinner together and almost no one else does not say. Try to divide your relationships, work, and free time.


Good: be careful. The main problem of relationships in the workplace that they always float to the surface, no matter how carefully you hide them. It is not always good. An office romance could cost you your professional reputation. Not very nice, when the truth is suddenly revealed at the least opportune moment.

Bad: involve in relationship to other people. The workplace is a breeding ground for gossip. This, alas, can not be avoided. If you start an office romance, be prepared for the fact that he will be the main theme for the dining gossip. Then this topic is tired, and all the fans to discuss someone else’s life will pay attention to the Scuttlebutt. If you divorce, it will become a regular topic of the first importance. Everyone will come, to ask, to feel sorry for and give advice. Very unpleasant.


Well: to be sure, before doing the first step. Let’s say you like a girl from another Department and you’re sure she invitingly glances at you. It is also the corporate you winked! You seems like a good idea to send him an email with a hint or something? She should also like. And then — boom! — it turns out that her husband had recently died or some other occasion, and you’re in this story the main jerk.

Bad: having sex in the office. Obviously. All know this and still continue to do so.

If you follow all these rules, everything will be fine and interesting. You can hold hands in the Elevator, kissing in secret, write each other sweet emails — all serve as pleasant deviations from the working day. Just think twice before doing it in the public domain.

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