Of life for which you are responsible, only you


Men who annoy us the most? Answer is simple: men are aching. Why do they irritate us? For many reasons: they affect our mood, they kill all the good impression of our generation, they confirm their whining idiotic thesis that «the guys now not the same». Who is to blame, that you were in deep shit, besides yourself? The government, boss, friend, childhood trauma or some guy from the TV? No difference, you can look for causes of anything. But remember the main thing: do not solve the problem, blaming all around. And real courage is the realization that in my life to answer you. And even more: you’re responsible for the lives of those who are considered close, regardless of the circumstances. Why? Because that’s how people are.


Your parents are all brothers and sisters is the starting position at will cannot be changed. This is a fact that must be taken. And there is nothing more miserable than a guy who justifies his inaction with the problems of a family nature. What would you no matter what, no demons would attack your family, you always have a choice. You can help, and can just leave. About the immorality of the latter option can only speak to those who are not faced with actual hell. But what not to do is to sit back and whine about their condition, and then to throw off all their failures on the past, on this same starting position, which cannot be changed. Besides, you’re part of this cell of society, and its prosperity depends on you no less than from others.



A colleague got promoted, and you’re left in the cold? I think your boss is a moron who has not regarded your, no doubt, high professionalism? We recommend you to soberly assess the situation. Look at your work, take care of her analysis. I am sure that you will quickly find the reasons for which your employer did not take risks. The company is always a system, where it is important not that how much you bring in money, but also how you manage your work with your colleagues. Important and discipline and your consistency and dedication. Maybe this is what you never had, but that «asshole» who has got a promotion, it’s all there in abundance? Show initiative in your seat, get out beyond their powers to your boss knew that you can do more than you think.


Stopped calling and inviting bars? Stopped to communicate with you? Come on, you can blame it all together and call those assholes still, but you can look in the mirror and see the real reason. Not like anyone at parties? Guys who spoil these parties. They get drunk in the trash, and then I was forced to babysit him. They impose their «authoritative» opinion of his interlocutors, and criticise alternative points of view. They are sour, boring, like a grain of sand in the condom.

So it’s not the people who are stupid and mean on friendship. The fact that you can’t be friends, or are friends with those. You should not complain about a society that doesn’t embrace. Try to answer a simple question: «would I myself be friends?»



Say not spend on drink, and they say that he was worthless, because money is everything. But we have a different opinion.

The fact is that if you are a man gifted or consider yourself such, it is not enough just to be able to sing, draw, write poetry (or what you’re doing?). Need to work on marketing. Yes, the ability to present themselves to the public, of course, is very much appreciated in any creative field. And this skill can be pumped. More professionalism, less snot and whining – a formula for success.


Any person is a microcosm that operates by its own rules. It is very simple to do with this «universe» in the conflict, when you think that it is completely identical to your own world. In a relationship like observed the most. All these scandals, brain Apocalypse, at first glance, have no apparent reason. We believe that the girl is just mad and can’t calm your nerves – a riot of hormones. And the more we do this the conclusion of each conflict, the more we approach the catastrophe.

A friend may leave at any time, without explanation. You’ll stay with my evil thoughts about her personal qualities. And, unfortunately, reasons you may not find. Although they are always there, of course, if the lady really was crazy. In General, everything is in the details. No need to find the words, but always think before saying something to her friend. Not «all women are fools», and you haven’t found the right approach to her. If you went, you got exactly what he deserved. But don’t worry, maybe it’s for the best?

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