Obstacles on the way to her orgasm

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_6Z7PmqBjsDZlZFemale orgasms – is a theme that haunts man throughout life. Women themselves have taught us to doubt his competence on this issue. Though, maybe, our doubts and the best? Now almost every man is trying to improve their skills to give pleasure to the companion.

We believe that it is true: sexual pleasure should receive both partners, that is, not just you. Another thing is that many guys doubt that their girl actually had an orgasm a few minutes ago. All because we have already heard a lot about simulations and other caprices of the gentle sex.

So even if friend furiously writhes, breathes, screams and moans like never, it still is likely that the dude who fucked her without much enthusiasm hardly believe in this show. On behalf of girls, we can say that there are cases when their orgasm is simply impossible because of your inept and thoughtless actions, which we now recall.

1. You fell on her

So, if tonight you were all the time in the top positions, then, perhaps, you’re tired and you want to relax a bit, but for some reason can’t stop and don’t want to ask my friend to change the posture. Maybe it’s because you think that you are very close to orgasm. As a result, you relax a bit and continue the incoming traffic.

You think you just relax a little and actually fell on the girl with all his weight. Be sure that this night she will not come, because my stomach you squeezed her ribs, and perhaps soon it will simply cease to breathe, not to moan. She no longer feels any pleasure, but knows that access to oxygen anymore.

2. You have not closed your mouth

You can never settle down and always ask her, «are You okay… and now you okay? Oh, shit, are you hurt?! I’m sorry!» Shut up already, really! Okay, let’s say when you have sex for the first time. Then you really can ask her a question.

Another thing, when you know you fried for several months. You have reached a certain degree of trust, and trust me, she’ll tell you herself when she’s in pain, and when nice. The questions you just knock it out with the «right wave». So keep your mouth shut.

3. When you do not react

If she climbed on top of you and quite erotic you jump, and you lie like a log, it is unlikely that the friend will be able to orgasm. It may be even worse: you risk to give birth to her a couple of extra complexes.

You also like how she moans? Well, that and she wants to hear from you feedback. Not necessarily moaning. Just don’t hold back. Remember her Boobs so well placed in front of you and grab her ass, a little help her. In General, don’t just sit there, do something with your hands.

4. When you’re ruthless

Of course, this does not concern those cases when you are playing another sex game and you started to hammer her vagina with great force. This is even encouraged, but occasionally! Any more economical to her genitals.

First, it is not always tuned to this rhythm, and secondly, she has yet to give birth sooner or later and her organs must be in order, and not stabley your dick.

5. When you have an iron grip

So it is necessary to cling to the ass, then on her left bruises! Yes, these techniques look good in porn, and you can use them when you just rigidly fuck and not going to a gentle orgasm.

In fact her ass will be so sore that you won’t achieve anything except a slap in the face. If it is in the morning a reflection of a bruise on the fifth point, then be ready to go in the evening for a delicious cake and a small bouquet of flowers in the store.

6. When you make her feel ugly

Well, she may be a bitch, and a whore. Maybe it sounds sexy, but not when you’re overreacting. Not so much hate fuck crying whore, which for ages will forbid you to hurt her.

Sorry, we can’t list the words that you’d better not to use during sexual intercourse with a friend, so that includes the brain.

7. When you stink

Your sweaty armpits are not so scary. This smell, perhaps even exciting, but the breath… Try to get rid of it. Stock up on gum and thoroughly brush your teeth before meeting a friend.

It is unlikely that she will be able to tune in on a wave of orgasm, when your mouth will smell worse than the fridge after a few days of lack of electricity.

8. When you switched to the sandpaper

If there is no support, then sooner or later your girlfriend will begin to dry. Watch it carefully. At the first signs of drying out it will start to feel terrible discomfort. You buy already, that lube, which she so wants you!

If there is no lubricant, then try to give it the moisture in the old way. Just be sure she is sufficiently aroused to continue your hot sex.

9. When you missed the most important

Foreplay, of course. And foreplay is not oral sex as you thought. Pay more attention to the gentle kisses, the pelvic region, nipples and other interesting places on her body. Better to slightly overexpose girlfriend before sex, so she asked you to proceed to spicy. But do not overdo it, she should not sleep in the beginning of the play.

10. When you fuck with sound

It is not in your moans and that your balls hitting her ass when she fell on you in the pose of «cancer». Maybe in porn, it sounds fascinating, but girlfriend can distract and even annoy. So don’t link eggs!

11. When you keep asking her

«What’s your name? You’re a bitch? Who bitch? Huh?» Well, or something like that. Although, damn, it’s cool, and there is nothing wrong to do so, just know the measure. After five such questions she must be tired to answer: «Yes, Yes. I’m such a bitch.»

12. Silence

We have already said that you don’t have to sit idly by. If you want to moan go ahead. Just not as sexy as she is. Enough that you’re just going to breathe loudly and repeatedly say that you very well how you like to fuck her. Well, something like that.

To listen to the monotonous creaking of a bed is not a very good prospect for the girl who wants to do passionate sex.

13. When you’re trying to squeeze the juice

Even if she’s got a ripe melon or a small juicy oranges, it doesn’t mean you should squeeze them for the juice. As a rule, girlfriends complain that they have sore chest due to the fact that we are very diligent it compressible. But sometimes good sex is worth the sacrifice.

14. When you miss with support

The background music often sounds just silly in an intimate setting. Even if you both like something, think well before you put it on the background. It might be better to do without musical accompaniment?

You can listen to «Lose yourself to dance», while taking a shower and epic podtantsovke, but do not have to pull the song in bed. It is likely that the alleged sex over wild rzhach mutual.

15. When it’s time to sleep

She already wants to sleep or just to relax, but you still can’t calm down and I want to prove to her that you are a male. You have all proved, lie down on the bed and soon fall asleep. Only in the movies girls happy trikalinos night. It may be enough, and the quality of sex for the night.

16. When you cheat

Even during sex? Dude, stop! Don’t tell her that you don’t finish before her. We all know that’s not true. You may, of course, and you get the jackpot, but the probability is very small. Therefore attacks to the point without unnecessary words, otherwise she will not get off you until you bring her to orgasm, even after you successfully get.

17. When you feel the approach of her orgasm

Everything has already been said in the item title. It is impossible to explain. You just have to understand the curves or the sinking of her body that she will soon be finished. It is best in this case to remain silent and continue to do what he did in that moment, when he noticed the approach of her orgasm!

Dude, this is very important! Try to keep under the full control of your cock and don’t cum before her. You’re as close as ever to bestow his girlfriend.

18. When you’re not in porn

TA-dam! Welcome to real life where girls don’t enjoy sex, sitting on the twine where it is not so easy to relax when you are trying to push up on her, holding her in his arms. Can be a long list pornushnye things. Most importantly, remember: the girl doesn’t like what the actors do in porn. Yes, look at it cool, but to test the will decide not every.

19. When you’re not showered

No matter how many years you are together. Before sex your dick should always be clean. Don’t make her hold back a gag reflex. Didn’t wash my cock – forget about the Blowjob. It is, of course, maybe through pain and tears to continue to do you good, but normal friend would send you a shower, and maybe even join you.

20. When you fell asleep

It certainly won’t get an orgasm, if you once again after dinner lay down to sleep the sleep of the dead. Find a couple of minutes to meet a friend. Or buy her some special toys, then you’ll have to make a minimum of effort.

Most often the girls themselves tell us what is missing and what you need once and for all to remove from a joint sex, you need to be careful or hard to liberate a friend so she didn’t hesitate to tell you the truth. Try tonight to delete all of these items from your sex. Maybe it will lead you to success.

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