Obsessive people: how to get rid of them

Respectively.com.ua_10.07.2015_v9vZoO7Rc6AsRThey follow you everywhere throughout your life: at school, at College, at work, on the street, in transport, on vacation and even during the funeral. From them as difficult to remove like the plague. But from the plague, then dumped, then still there are ways?

Obsessive people can fuck up your whole life. Their obsession manifests itself in many different forms: it may be the homeless guy who doesn’t understand that you have no change for him, the classmate who always wants to hang out with you, colleague at work, every five minutes asks you for advice, distracting, actually, from the work itself.

Such people can harm your nerves and also to take your time to rest or to development. The time you spend with that person, be the hour that you take out of life.

They don’t make you any happier or stronger, they just take away your time and energy. In General, with such characters to fight hard, especially if you are intelligent and generally a man of culture, but the editors manygoodtips.com the tips that can help you in the fight against this strange «people» that we call simply – obsessive people.


1. Blacklist

The most boring, but probably the most effective advice. If this is not your close relative, you may want to add the dude in the black list: the phone, social networks, email. In short, it’s not that hard and takes little time. The only danger is meeting offline.

2. Keep your distance

No need to show bloody you dude your good and friendly intentions. Turn on quiet hostility, just try not to notice all his efforts to seem friendly. He is a stranger to you, you don’t want to have anything to do with him, since he is not from your circle. So, be a little goat, it’s your life and your time in the end.

3. Avoid

A very simple and stupid advice, you say? But what if you don’t want to be a dick. Then just try not to meet him. No need to be rude dude, or, conversely, to sing his praises. In General, do not need to show their emotions. Just turn on «alien» and try with him not to interfere.

4. Translate the conversation to another topic

As soon as you see that dude starts talking about how he wants you to drink on Monday afternoon, then immediately Senai record. It is best to say that you have a business or work (and on Monday afternoon all the way it is). Don’t give him the opportunity to speak to you. Most importantly, remember: you don’t owe anyone anything, and the ability to say «no» color of any person.

5. No time

He calls every day, morning and evening. And every day, morning and evening you have no time. No matter what you do, let it be abstract, and which it is better not to know. Most importantly, he must understand you are always busy and the free time you have. Soon he will cease to bother you.

6. Deafness

Strange way, but effective. The man asks you questions and you calmly go about their business. You’re immersed in his work, thoughts, a book or whatever. In General, you can let him know that he’s not interesting, not even saying a word. Although there is a risk to bring him out of himself and running into trouble.

7. Do not communicate personally

If he is looking for personal friendship, then show him that he hardly you will find. If you were with him at parties, you always refer to a group of people, not specifically to him. This will help you create distance. Soon the man will lose interest in you.

8. Joke on him

In modern parlance, turn to technology «tollervey», which you might actively work on the Internet. Very few people like when he made fun of all the time. Try to do without the insults, but make it clear that it will always be. Usually after such an obsessive person imposed to someone else.

9. On the contrary

Dude hates cupcakes with banana filling – take. He likes football – Stabi vengeance this sport, even if you yourself every night watching it. May you be the complete opposite of him, soon he’s not going to irritate you, and you him.

10. Went person

In General, it’s a shitty way to wean itself from man. But sometimes some people don’t understand even the most direct hint. And so, even if you’re not aggressive people, have to direct their anger at annoying you in the individual. Just tell it straight. So, he will be upset and offended, and you can spoil the mood, but soon him sure get rid of.

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