Obsessed: the people who frankly got

manygoodtips.com_23.02.2014_LbZ5So37oXebjTime, perhaps, to talk a little bit about the people that I personally frankly got. Perhaps someone will again write in the comments that I’m an evil man, gay like Putin, snowboarder, enemy of the people, a feminist, a misogynist and many more who. But honestly, I don’t care. At first the idea was to write about people that frankly got me, myself, and the entire world with their antics, but something like this has happened with us and it was a pleasure to read. Today I decided to properly think about what kind of people are frankly annoying. And came to the conclusion that all these groups of people can be combined in one single characteristic: they’re obsessed with. And it’s disgusting.

It’s one thing when man is sincerely admire, honor and praise to this fellow. Another thing, when these folks are so obsessed with their Hobbies, themes and something like that, that you have to have on any website inhuman holivar in real life can kick someones butts kicked. Fanatical, obsessed and desperate go to this guys who definitely don’t need in your environment. Who are these people, where do they live? Today I will try to understand this topic.

1. Obsessed with food

Food, not surprisingly, one of those topics that always interest people. Food photos to Instagram, as if they were not stigmatized, still desperately censured by moralizers and other dudes, but they’re still indestructible. Another thing is the obsession with food. It is not that people eat and eat constantly, I’m not stupid to judge people for the satisfaction of primary needs. The fact that there are many people who are obsessed with correct from their point of view food. This can be vegetarians who think that meat is the essence of poison. This can be vegetarians who eat only meat metalography animals (why do I always think about snakes at these words). It may be vegans who eat only vegetables. It can be raw foodists or even any food. And there may be supporters of the right fitness food, do not eat sweet, do you know how many calories in a boiled artichoke, and cook only with the help of a double boiler. Lately to pay for his food suspiciously much attention has become very fashionable. But people who are just trying to limit myself and know the middle ground, something very small. One of my friends believes that such attention to his diet from the fact that all the shops are, and people are just brazen.

2. Environmental freaks

Oh, I can talk indefinitely. Of course, I do not advocate the clogging of the planet, don’t think about the bipolar fans to mix everything in one pile! Not! I’m for rational use of resources, I’m all for new technology, I for waste management. Another thing is a strange attitude to the environment from a position to buy or not to buy a thing, the packaging is made of more degradable material. One thing to try and implement mechanisms for disposal of waste, but another thing is to buy special packages, and with a stern face to look at those who bought shampoo or took the bag, which after use will pollute mother Earth. It’s so small!

3. Supporters of the theory of global conspiracy

We specifically feed the expired cheese to the Russian gene pool was destroyed. GMO products destroy the white race! MSG can induce tumors, and shoved it in all the known spices. First, most of these substances and the phenomena at a closer look, do not seem to be dangerous. The same MSG is no more harmful than table salt. The Japanese generally referred to as the fifth taste. Another thing is that this crap, if you will carry some risk, easily eliminated from the food, if you start to cook. For some reason I want to quote Pelevin: «If the plot against Russia exists, it involved the entire adult population of Russia».

4. Obsessed with politics

They are slowly fading. To be honest, in 2012 I am also actively interested in politics, but went nowhere due to natural laziness. Now I’m relatively actively interested in politics in the spirit of: «What’s happening? Some interesting crap!» But still in Russia there are guys who are actively interested in politics. Too actively. One time a friend constantly made me sign some petitions in support of Pussy Riot, in support of the party «Yabloko», in favor of the liberation of the prisoners of something. Now she’s still posting on her Facebook page news about the latest prisoners of conscience, strange laws, statements of the dudes from the party in power. She knows some public figures, which I have no idea, she even befriends them in real life and she has photos that she showed me when she came to my house the next day. Most people who advocated for the future of the country, calmed down and look at what is happening around. And all for the simple reason that it is impossible reposts and likes can change any situation. The political is not an exception.

5. Psychologists and pseudoleucite

Damn adepts Protopopov and Novoselov in comments with insistent recommendation of books such as «the Woman — a textbook for men» just piss me off, and encouraging, as early fans of socionics, NLP and other pieces that can help to learn to see man through and through and manage it, without leaving the car free of charge and without SMS. Added to these are fans of the movie «the Great secret of water», «Mould» and others about how terrible to live on our planet.

Science is very interesting and informative. Let’s not talk about this? Interesting world of human psychology, his thought processes and other things. This is pure, distilled knowledge, and not just «read and sagely quote your friends as the ultimate truth». So people discrediting the same good guy Freud, discrediting science and psychology, very informative applied discipline that is interesting for me on a par with other natural Sciences.

6. Hell enthusiasts own business

There is nothing worse than fans of any things that spoil him for his inappropriate behavior. First, the gym and sports. This is a common useful thing, I like to go to the gym, I can talk about why, but the most obvious answer — I like the process. There’s nothing worse than crazy fans rocking to which all people are divided into fat, drischey and right boys. Tell them to run your ass the air out of the enema is useful for muscle growth, they start to do it.

Except for fans of rocking is still viagracare. Great by itself cool thing, but when my old friend and a big velostat Sasha says that his bike is like the big three that are parked at the bus stop, it’s a bit off-putting. Within this movement there are currents that do not like each other, on the one hand kind of funny, but scary.

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