Now you’re just boss you are still not tired of spending 14 hours a day at work, soon you definitely will raise the roof. Or you storm into the office with weapons and finish all of their colleagues, or resign, sending the head in the ass. Of course, if you have left the men’s veins, you will work on this place more than one year.

We believe that it makes no sense to tolerate this impudence. How many more years are you going to go home at 11 PM? You can’t even relax after work. From the office came and stood in traffic for an hour or two, then went home, showered and fell asleep. And in the morning all over again.

Sooner or later every man must come that it is time to open your business. No one is saying that you should promote a network of restaurants. You can start with something small. More precisely, can not and need. Look around when you go home, take a break from your smartphone. Still, let’s analyze this in more detail.

1. Are you doing what you love

Let’s face it: we all want to do what you like, and delicious and plenty to eat. That’s so true! If you open your own business from scratch, you have the opportunity to fully plan the entire course of the work, to make you feel comfortable and interesting.

You can choose the scope in which to perch with the head. In this case, you are guaranteed success. To do what you love and to plan your day is great motivation.

Even if you spend more than 14 hours, you still won’t be so tired. This hobby during working hours. This is the dream of everyone, but exercise why is not a lot.

2. You reveal your potential

As you must have noticed that many employers do not encourage creative thinking. At work you have to do what you say. There are certain rules which we adhere to.

Of course, you can try to take the initiative and come up with a really worthwhile project, but it is still not one to take because you have deviated from a certain norm. This atmosphere is killing you. But when you have a business, you willingly bring to life new projects that come to mind you or your authorized persons.

Unleash your imagination and you will soon get the exhaust first significant profit. When you’re not depressing at work, easy life. No one will reject your project and do not discourage the desire to work and develop.

3. You choose your employees

The team is the Foundation of your business. One with your case you do not have it. You need professionals who will be somewhat better than you. But besides that sotrudniki needs to have certain skills and experience they need to be nice to you. The work environment greatly affects the progress of the work, you know.

Remember that nasty guy, who just never closed his mouth, and who was talking about nonsense. He was freaked all the colleagues, because he was afraid that he might suddenly have a pointless conversation. Or the lady who ate pilchards in tomato sauce, the aroma of which felt the people from the nearby houses.

There are just infuriating people who just wanted to hit the bottle from the water cooler or a nearby chair. In such an environment is simply impossible to work. There are always a few stimuli that will shatter your nervous system. When you own a business, you yourself can control and selected employees for vacant positions.

4. You can make your contribution

Perhaps you have unique skills that can make an invaluable contribution to anything. But if you’re locked in the office, and the employer does not want to hear about any innovation, you can forget about personal growth, about the contributions to science or something.

If you are your own boss, then you are not going to stifle thoughts on the stage of the embryo. You try to bring their idea to life. And let your idea will be a complete crap – it is not important. The important thing is that you can implement yourself.

Maybe someday by trial and error you’ll create something suitable. You might change the world, country or city. It does not matter. Your work will be more visible when you’re head of a company than an ordinary office worker, whose name no one remembers.

Not really think about why you have a shitty job, what is it you are not satisfied, why your boss sucks and the other. Rather start a business! Can never fully realize themselves in someone else’s company. If sure you’re not slacking, and just boss doesn’t appreciate you, then why continue to tolerate it? Start a business, grow and help others become better.

Sooner or later you still come to this. So you better do it now. If you have, of course, is fresh or relevant ideas. We do not promise that it will be easy. Will be very hard. Well, if you are afraid of difficulties, then keep hanging out at the office till night. Still no one will appreciate your efforts and rework. Go for it!

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