Now how much art?

At the time, Marat Gelman clearly explained astronomycast prices on modern painting: «In the art market are not sold the items, and images. In this case we can speak about the image of the artist.» The following work is entirely sold to art lovers and people who dream to touch the iconic name. And buy this «art» or museums (rarely, because of the money to replenish funds they have, not so much), or collectors and private galleries (which, again, then re-sell work to collectors).

In addition, art is a good investment. Its value increases from year to year exponentially. Even if it’s a trail of dried snot on the red jacket. And still it is fashionable, cool, kosher, and well, lots of other synonyms. To understand art is as honorable and prestigious to participate in charity events and to create charitable foundations. The impression that you are spiritually developed, despite the fact that Handel, in your opinion, the breed of the dog.

Modern art is a complex thing and is too capitalized. Never before have things left behind ephemeral aftertaste was not so expensive. All work fits in the sentence: «I am an artist, I see.» Although sometimes it seems that ostentatious minimalism and a desire for provocation is a consequence of a usual lack of ideas and even talent. Here is Kandinsky, who wrote from time to time wonderful pictures, claimed to have seen in their points and lyapok music. To see sapizhanka paint a canvas masterpiece with a few. To sell for such an astronomical – destiny of the talented. But to shake my head and wonder why pictures of Vereshchagin are cheaper, unfortunately, our destiny. Of course, in modern painting, in abstract expressionism has its gems that fascinate. Just a few strokes, but in them something is, they hypnotize. But they cost $40 million? That’s just not worth it. Although all understand this, but painting is a business, and then art, and almost everything turned into a ruthless business of art.

«Untitled», CY Twombly (1971) – $2,378 million

Paper, paint paint, crayons can cost so much.

If you ask a monkey to paint a pen (that’s such an old fashioned word mentioned), you get prettier. Much prettier. Maybe not. That’s the kind of mediocrity and sold for a fortune.

Meanwhile, Twombly is one of the most popular artists of our time. The money received with each picture, you can feed the hundreds of hungry children. A source of inspiration for him to serve the ancient myths and legends, stéphane mallarmé and primitive art of old tribes. The traces of primitive art long search is not necessary. And here’s what he had meant by the ancient myth…

The work «untitled» (1971), devoted to Italian art dealer Gian Enzo, in the catalog, Christie’s described as an outstanding example of the artist’s work.

Critics, as always, explain these finger paintings are beautiful, high-sounding words, after which you begin to believe that Aivazovsky is a boring unhappy mass of heresy, but the real art – that’s it!

First, Twombly draws random strokes with chalk, and then covers them in a translucent paint paint. Then back hardwood brush Twombly scour part of the image, revealing what is underneath. These transitions from the visible to the hidden, from clear to potaennogo – a theme that runs through all the works of CY Twombly. <…> The works of Twombly saturated with deep, mysterious rhetoric of meanings and associations that are open for us just for a moment, bringing us closer to understanding the elusive idea of the artist».

It is a pity that ordinary, not burdened with a cultural education perspective, appear ordinary Doodle.

«The concept of space. Waiting» Lucio Fontana – $12.8 million

To draw a picture of Edward Scissor Hands would be needed from the power for 2 seconds. The strokes – and voila! How much did you spend on it, Lucio Fontana? It is not known. The artist thus tried to erase the boundaries between traditional art forms. Holes and slots he had done since 1958 (Yes, such pictures have a few dozen) to help viewers get a better sense of space. It is clear that he measured, and certainly not destroyed a single canvas. But as soon as to feel the space? To get your finger in the door? Sorry, I want to look at the carefully drawn lines and colors.

«Green-white», Ellsworth Kelly – $1.6 million

Well, not the same! I remember in kindergarten we had a pair of scissors to cut geometric shapes from colored paper and glue them to a white cardboard. Insecure, sweaty baby hands always cut something green spots. Only for free. It is clear that the author did not intend to draw perfectly smooth shapes (although for the money he owed the ass to draw Mona Lisa smile), it is only we, fools, wanted to show what it looks like the combination of green and white.

Typically the Kelly paintings are in great demand not. But there was a system failure. By the way, for this money you could buy a small Thai island.

«The blood-red mirror» Gerhard Richter – $1.1 million


Herr Richter is one of the most influential contemporary artists. His paintings are represented in major museums around the world, and even rage reactionaries find in his bright scribble something of their own. Indeed, his colorful paintings have the rare ability to please even the haters expressionism. But when over a million euros went this picture, even the critics and art historians have combed their heads. This is an example when he sold a brand, not a painting. It’s just red paint, applied with a slight gradient on a mirror, right? Perhaps the collector who bought it, it works, just wanted to see myself in the mirror in a non-standard color.

Just many years ago Malevich already did something like that, forget it.

Remember the old joke: «Fifth time the Museum had been kidnapped, «the Black square» Malevich. And for the fifth time watchman uncle Bob had the morning to recover the picture.»

«Untitled» Blinky Palermo – $1.7 million

There is much more serious than in previous work, two color. That’s probably why she costs more. There is no sense to describe. Let criticism.

«Canvas Palermo give the viewer a little, if anything, to give, seen only a small change in tone, no picturesque touches. Instead, they show the audience a pure, undiluted color.»

Here we can agree, do not give anything.

«Untitled» by mark Rothko (1961) – $28 million

A large number of paintings called «untitled» suggests that the artists themselves did not attach much importance to them. Happy people: draw, all of labor will go down in history. However, not for his masterpiece, and reassessment.

This work of Mark Rothko sold at auction for more than $ 28 million. Reminiscent of painting with watercolors the night window. Though drawn somewhere in elementary school. And while the child walked home, went a little rain, the already blurry picture became less presentable. That’s what would you do if your child brought home such a thing? Proudly hung on the wall or is fair to say that this spotting, and the next time you need to draw something recognizable? All anything, but 28 million!.. and in Arkhangelsk doctors and nurses received a salary below the subsistence level. This is unrelated, but while in the world this is happening, I want to scream, like Harvey Keitel in «Bad Lieutenant» and blow stuff up.

«Onement VI», Barnett Newman – $43.8 million

What you see on canvas? Sad strip monthly on brown background? The eruption of the volcano? Manure? And what’s the difference in modern art stripes are everything. Therefore, a series of paintings Newman «Onement» and then put up for auction. One of them was even in the collection of the co-founder of the computer giant «Microsoft Paul Allen. In fact, the price to fill the rich owners and the fact that 4 paintings from this series are exhibited in major museums around the world. Paint stripes and be happy!

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