Nothing we should be surprised? How not to fall into dependence on «innovations»?

manygoodtips.com_2.04.2014_q29uNXdDqrJePAt some point you realize that you can no longer pleases. I once realized this when I was in a big beautiful city. Around me the majestic buildings, historical places, fresh sea air, and all I feel is that the wind blew the ear I need to buy a hat. I realized that in my heart I’m not that dead, and lost one of the most important things each person needs: the ability to look ahead and see there opportunities and room for maneuver. All I saw ahead — that’s next week, next calendar year and the next salary. At this point I realized that I can finally lose all hope to live life as I want and not as it should. I realized that the world around me rushed at me and enveloped. When I went to his bridge, and now I’m waist-deep in a gelatinous mass, which gradually engulfs me. The most important thing that I in fact do not care. And nothing special happened, I just lost the ability to look forward. This happens for various reasons: your life becomes less ordered and more chaotic or, on the contrary, there is too much order. This can happen because you understand that a lot of factors that you cannot control. Or because you realized that you need to stay any framework to survive. The reasons are many, but the result is the same: you stopped looking forward. Figuratively speaking, you look at their feet. Most often, it is the foolish thought that we are confident that we have nothing more to surprise.

You can try something new, but it is useless. Only long habit and hobby pleases us for a long time.

The older we get, the more we realize that the sum of pleasures that we will experience in our life is decreasing every second. It depends on what we are sure that the only fun — something new.

It all comes down to innovation and excitement. But we have no idea that with the right attitude, we will again begin to worry about those things before, didn’t seem surprised by anything new. Focus on the fact that only new can be fun, wrong. So as to get pleasure from life?

1. Products the habit

In order to begin to from the satisfaction that your life should be something permanent. People have a strange feature to become slaves to habits. There is nothing wrong if you use this feature for good. Without some daily and weekly rituals that quickly become habits, many comrades do not think my life and feel misunderstood. Habits in a person’s life are necessary because they satisfy the human needs for security and stability. In order for you to have it for the soul or good habit, first you need to go against their nature and force yourself to do something. The main thing — regularity. So I taught myself the gym. The first two months of regular visits — ad only under duress. But now I have my life with no rocking and no idea to miss a workout do not like. In this simple way you have a stable habit, which is wildly annoying at first, and then begins to inspire and delight.

2. Don’t sweat it, friend!

We believe that constantly needs something to do, to move, to swarm and strongly to strain. But sometimes you can’t do it. Movement is life. But sometimes in order to feel alive, it is vital to go with the road race of life, sit on the curb and look around. Otherwise we cease to be human beings and will only ride horses with a very vague goal — to reach the finish line, which is known as looks and no one knows where.

We constantly are worried about something, and seconds we can’t hold on with a clear head and look around to realize that winter has passed, and the trees appeared kidney. Dude, when’s the last time we followed that, as the first buds appear on the trees and buds from flowers and leaves? For most people occurs looks like this: today, snow tomorrow — green plants. All! Life is.

3. Build friendships

There are good friends. And there are bad ones. The problem is that and those, and those we need. Good friends — a joy to the heart, which helps us to get better and get life more fun. Unnecessary people and friends to help us understand how precious relationships can be with people who can be called «simple». They will teach you to learn m*Dacians in your surroundings and appreciate those who treat you like human beings. But the most important thing you need to understand: for a man, no matter how alone he was, the relationship with other people is vital. We are by nature alone, quite alone. Simple recognizes this fact. But that is no reason not to interact with other people because by nature we are social creatures to the core.

4. Learn to despise out of your comfort zone

It is difficult to learn to be human and to be able to enjoy life if you’re a coward who sits in the comfort zone. When someone tells me that he tried a lot and it’s not inserted, I want to laugh in his face: dude, have you ever tried a thousandth that came up with the cunning minds to entertainment and Hobbies in this world. In light of the huge number of things that we didn’t try. Among them there are those who have a chance to turn you into a nerd. There is nothing wrong! Moderate one happy dude.

All this comes from the fact that we stiff to try something new. Said rudely, but truthfully. New things bring uncertainty and uncertainty is dangerous because it brings the feeling that we are standing on top of a mountain, blowing a hurricane, and we will not have anything to hold onto. It’s scary! There is always a way to rationalize their fears of something new: what if do not like, and I have spent serious money? In the end, what do you lose? Well, seriously.

5. Things make sense and bring pleasure only when you love to do it

Why it’s good to be a geek of anything from star trek to fitness? Because you love it. Understand innovation by themselves, we don’t like. They just surprise us with a short fuse that burns quickly. Pleasure can only bring something long and something that I sincerely like. You can try something new, but it is useless. Only long habit and hobby pleases us for a long time.

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