Note the lazy theorist: 6 myths about the muscle

To pump up a beautiful body is not so difficult. Rather, it is not as difficult as we want to instill all sorts of prihlasenie fitness trainers (don’t believe them). The author of this article at the weekend visited the newly opened near his home prihlaseny fitness center: five floors of all the different pieces that you don’t really need. I was left with a strong feeling that I’m a stupid country girl that tried to breed for sex. I held fast, although the gym they have is simply amazing. I went back and decided to write an article on some myths about our muscles that we all continue to believe, no matter what. Some of them have already met in our articles, but I tried to open them a little more from the other side.

After I saw the incredible amount of ridiculous machines, I had to do it.

1. One a week in the gym will make me at least of Sylvester Stallone

Unfortunately, many guys really believe in this crap that they seriously trying to convince some of guntrader. «Week in our gym and you will see the result, because we have those simulators of the latest generation!» I have a very tall girl in this cool club with a fitness bar on the ground floor. The growth in size and strength takes time, which depends on the amount of factors, including muscular stress, recovery, nutrition, hormones, genetics and body type. If you don’t take steroids, fast changes you will not notice. It does not call for the use of steroids (I’m against), just a fact.

In General, if you’re doing strength training three times a week, you can expect the first results within an average of ten weeks, provided of course that your diet consists of foods that are low in fat. Or in your body little fat percentage.

2. Lift weights — gain muscle mass

This is true, but this can be misleading. With the growth of muscle your weight will also increase, but the muscle is more heavy and compact than the same amount of fat, so you’ll look still better. In addition, the higher the muscle mass, the faster the metabolism, so you burn more calories day and night, when your body is trying to maintain muscle mass. Weight loss will never be complete and effective without weight training.

3. Lighter weight — longer and more dense muscle

If you can lift a weight 40 times in a row and not feel tired, you don’t load the muscle enough to develop good muscle tone or become much stronger. 40 reps will not force the cardiovascular system to work in elevated mode so that you don’t naturally burn fat. Instead, choose a weight that will cause muscle fatigue after 15 repetitions. For best results in endurance, muscle tone and strength need to train using different weights (from 50% to 90% of your max capabilities). The number of repetitions can vary from 5 (for power) to 20 (for endurance, develop technique, and elevation) approach. Usedona much greater number of repetitions with lower loads helps you become more resilient, and a small number of repetitions with heavy loads helping you steel stronger.

4. If I hit the gym, you can say goodbye to high speeds

Somehow, in the minds of many people persistently living stereotype that jocks — big, heavy and bulky, very slow. This stereotype is far from reality, especially if you compare trained with untrained person. Strength training at high intensity and exertion can help runners, cyclists and other lovers of speed to increase the speed and, moreover, to become owners of strong, powerful muscles. Strong muscles always mean easier to overcome the load and to perform work more efficiently. There is another advantage: a well-written weight training plan also reduces injuries by optimizing the efficiency of key muscle groups, strengthens the affected joints.

5. The only way to become stronger iron

More weight is optimal for creating the force, but they are not the only means on the way to a powerful physique. The bar is also a good tool, as well as traditional gymnastics and work with its own weight.

6. Muscle will turn into fat

I don’t know why many people believe in this stereotype. Probably looked at some bodybuilder who received women’s Breasts at least one fifth of the size. Or saw the movie «Fight club», although there is the appearance of large Breasts is quite a explained.

I wrote in this article that the transformation of protein into fat is impossible for several reasons. Muscle and fat are two different tissue types of the human body, so it’s physiologically impossible. Muscle is lean tissue, while fat along with blood and cartilage (for fans of biology I note that the varieties of connective tissue very much) is a connective tissue. So that one never becomes the other. Muscles can lose tone if they long time are not used in the usual way, they can become sluggish, although when you use them, they were hard as steel. If you have not changed your diet and added exercise (or at least the quality of charging) after the end of the workout, the food you eat, not going to build muscle and maintenance of your body and just turn into fat. When you begin to actively grow muscle, increases the demand for calories. You will actually want to eat more because muscle maintenance requires more calories. In this article, I wrote that 4.5 pounds of pure muscle require 600 kcal of energy. A lot of it.

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