Not to worry: why can’t you overcome your ‘ex’

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2014_fmo64su8xoHqXThe most unpleasant truth that you should know is that you can always worry about my ex. It’s real, but another thing is that you probably don’t want to. Half of the long suffering is due to the fact that someone has not made any effort to «survive» his ex-wife. Of course, that’s no reason to have a relationship with anyone to be distracted from a previous relationship, but we must try. Today we decided to gather all clinical cases, why you never can relive your previous relationship. Someone is trying to give your ex the 1st, 2nd, 10th chance, someone suffering in silence, someone is drinking, and who, for some reason seeing other girls on the principle of «like cures knock».

1. This is the first love

Most often the first love in adolescence. She is a strong excess hormones and innovation. But there is also a relatively Mature first love when you met a girl that literally blew your mind and made much love. A seriously think that first love no one could survive, it is forever in your heart in a special place. So, to truly love, it turns out people are not so often, but for the banal reason: life is short, and every bad novel makes us less sensitive and excitable. But then love is real and more pathetic than you say the opposite, the more I want to snap at you on the nose. If all this were true, we would never fall in love in the future. Unfortunately, after the first love many refuse to fall in love, take the «comfortable» obedient girls or live at the expense of «flow options», which are little better than prostitutes. Which is a pity.

2. You ever been in love not in man, but in the drawn image


You loved the phantom, and after a breakup, supplemented it with unreal facts and features. Now this girl is superhuman, one in a billion, mysterious woman, the goddess Ishtar with the alabaster thighs and just completely lovable. Actually, of course, no such person. At all. It’s a figment of your imagination. Perhaps it does not exist, and you’re sitting in a madhouse. Perhaps it is, she’s alive, but is only a pathetic shadow of what you yourself are thinking there. Take a good look at all her flaws and stick this useful article.

3. You do not remember her and the good times and events

You fray in the head not her bright image, her chubby cheeks, and all the good things you did together. If her bright image to replace Stalin, I think it would be the same. You don’t care what it is. Much more important to you that you did together. Problems in your relationship you have no idea and stupidly living in the past. Enough!

4. It was the longest your relationship

It often happens that this is the first, does not last long, marriage. If the guy is 23-25 years, it is unlikely any relationship in my life lasted him 2-3 years. He cannot imagine someone else at his former place. And it is extremely harmful. Man, if not the best in the world, wandered in front of your eyes. Life without her somehow not really appear to be the most vile and its shortcomings seem quite tolerant and a natural part of the existence of snow, dirt, parasites and m*Dacians. Unfortunately, you suffer a great disadvantage, man, — a lack of imagination. In fact, we could exist without anyone other than our parents, because otherwise we would simply not born. If it was not in your life, would be someone else. Or nobody, and you learned to cook for themselves and would realize the beauty of solitude.

5. You made a mistake and severely torturing yourself

It’s often a pretty serious bug, it is a foolish thing to do in the spirit of «little time», «infrequently worn on the hands». After a breakup inevitably starts soul-searching. First, we blame all over it, and then think that is all our fault. Out from the darkness of centuries something of yourself and begin to torment: type not looked, did not say, the cat pushed her. In short, eat solid.

But sometimes, when we absolutely did not fair as bastards. Rude to her mother, beat her, humiliated or morally, of course, have changed. This is absolutely, objectively, ridiculous things that, frankly, a lot of people say about us. Here you need to improve, and not to be introspective.

6. You want what you can’t achieve

Oh, this is a very common thing. Especially, for example, if the girl was married or dumped somewhere to relocate to Israel. And a lot of companions suddenly begin to suffer a child’s reason enough: you can’t achieve something, and that something becomes more attractive and to say. This subject overlaps with the second paragraph of this article.

7. It really was better than many

My good and close friend was in College terribly in love with a very interesting lady, which he does not perceive. The woman was really amazing. Any negative characteristics in this article, a very good artist, a real historian (she has a specialized education, coupled with the art faculty), five years of experience in Muay Thai, a lot of Hobbies, interesting, smart, a good man and a rather unusual person. True, she was older by a few years and perceived only as a fellow student. It was love with quite a lot of people that destroys the myth that men are afraid of the original captured women. Naturally, man has suffered because he could not find anyone who would replace him so hard model person. But still found. First, just a beautiful sisyastaya minded, but cheerful girl, and then was able to fall in love with a good decent and interesting girl. So it is quite possible, you just have to try. And try not to come back. Before leaving, go.

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