Not the demons of the employer

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2015_noJH7SGIlwmQnThe employer is human too. He doesn’t love you one bit, he like you, is 150 people a day. And he will not love you only for what you eat, and you will meticulously dig into your qualities and resume. But you’re still driving him crazy with their ignorant speeches. So here are some things to realize so as not to irritate an employer when applying for a job.

The brevity of the sister of manpower

Summary – this is the fastest way for an employer to know everything that is important to him. Of course, he will ask the region in which you live, on what positions worked, etc. But what if he pointed out that waiting for a summary, and hundreds of other people sent them?


The quiet game we shouldn’t play. Tell me open, show me what you are. Dark, mumbling under his breath even system administrators are not willing to take.

The multi-vector

It’s cool, when it is possible to hire a caretaker, accountant and chief engineer in one person. But in the history of employment of people which, combining all these professions would be good at least one. So do not try to get the employer to its versatility.


Spelling and punctuation errors, stylistic and semantic mistakes say that the cost of editing your work will be higher than those candidates who have sent more than competent summary. And negligence in the design suggests that the same negligence you will permit, subject to the terms, the conditions TK and so on.


You really save time for yourself and your employer, if you show me an example, quoting its estimated cost. Or details will paint all the nuances.

Examples of work

They will ask, why add them in the summary in advance – be a step ahead of other candidates. The more the better. Even a one-day experience as a watchman at the candle factory is to enter.

Write the name of their profession correctly

The man who wrote «westrogothia and operating» would hardly impress an attentive employer. And it turns out that you have twenty years of experience in the field that does not exist. But where you worked!!!

No alias

If you are creative and trying to get, say, a copywriter or designer – whatever it is – do not write DedaMraz 98, don’t need nonsense like «Askold Ejaculatory». You’re not hiding from anyone, and do not care what your last name is funny. You will take any.


Naked torso, traced in photoshop, photo in an embrace with johnny Depp, the silhouette on the courts in the neighborhood… If your plan is not just to amuse, but also to work, add a quality photo or not add it at all.

No Amateur

The author’s prose, poems, jokes with bodypowered – all this should not be in the summary, even if you are applying for a creative position. It will only distract the employer who will take you for another freak. No bonuses. You are likely prognozat.

Nobody humiliates

The test task is not the attempt of the employer to kill you as a poet. It is just a test of your abilities. No need to be depressed and to prove that the employer knows nothing. You better listen to the criticism, pull up your missing and come after some time. And without hysteria.

Summary in English

It is very elegant but what if the employer of a foreign language knows only Hungarian?

Clear price tag

Some examples of work prestavi prices. Cynicism in this case is very useful. And fashionable. But only if your work involves projects or creativity. The clerk is best not to become impudent and ask first of all, the size of the salary, otherwise he will think that you plan to get the money and do nothing.

Important facts briefly

In the cover letter be sure to specify the topics or areas in which good, how many hours a day you can work and so on. The more facts, the kinder opinion of the employer.

The best of the best

Along with a resume immediately send the employer its best or the most diverse projects, so he can assess which topics and set you on the shoulder.


Feedback is not only a nice detail, but very important bonus for the employer. Collect for God’s sake!

Readiness to start work immediately

You know, the sooner you will be able to reach the work field, the better for all. But if you planned only a month, after the holidays, then good luck in your future job search!

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