Not Superman if you’re an hour, or how to become a dream of every girl

Women really are easy to please. Not waiting for? Personally I often think that things are very different and for this you should try very hard, but really women need a little. Like most men, I used to see women beautiful exotic creatures that are unpredictable and whose behaviour cannot be analysed from the point of view of logic known to me. If you do all the basics, women like everything. Make a girl happy just. The method consists in five tips. Do so, and your friend starts looking for your replacement.

1. Get a

Even if she’s not a fan of cleaning and other home orgies, she will come to a complete delight when you see that your house is clean, machine washed clothes, no spots and stains, and the body smells notofa deodorant and a shower gel. Pay particular attention to the refrigerator, the sink and tub. She sees these places in the first place. To keep clean is always useful, even if you at the moment and no girls, but if you call her to dinner, here to the importance of cleanliness cannot be overestimated. Clean apartment increases the chance that the girl will want to check whether you have clean sheets. When you’re in a relationship, will have to raise the bar even higher. It means you will always have something to clean the house, take out the garbage, vacuuming, etc. She will see your effort and will be thrilled.

2. Be kind

If a woman must continually direct your actions, always tells you what to do, and without her guidance you can not cope with anything, it turns the relationship between a man and a woman in raising a child or training a dog. But you better… better than a dog? Moreover, very often, you know that a certain thing should be done, but putting off the unpleasant moment of his run to the last, yet she will not tell you, repeat several times. Change your strategy. No one likes to be a Downer, because if she is forced to tell you the same thing a hundred times, that’s exactly what she feels. Want to avoid household quarrels? Advance do what it can to ask you. Even for a change to surprise her pleasant things: give flowers, book a table at a restaurant that she likes, cook a delicious dinner, buy tickets to a play that she’d like to see, etc.

3. Be careful

Attention, not silence — that is gold. Men mostly continue to be big kids and think about yourself around the clock, forgetting that we ought to pay attention to the person who makes them happy. If we do not pay attention to a woman, things become harder and harder, and you will hear about these difficulties at the wrong time. For example, during a busy Euroleague game (as you saw yesterday, how sad our lost Israeli team?), when you are sick and can’t look away from the game. If a woman did, she becomes to not care about what happens around her. It is only interested in one thing — the need to get rid of your emotional load. Even if she knows that you are an avid basketball fan, she would not be able to postpone this conversation for later. In such situations, you should look away from the game and engage in discussion, otherwise it will only get worse.

4. Talk about your feelings

When the relationship gets hard, guys generally choose one of two strategies. First: they do something to fix the problem. Second: they’re coming. Maybe someone is doing something else, for example, prefers to ignore the problem, but the first two strategies are usedona larger demand. The solution to the difficulties in the relationship — not our strong point. It is easier to act than to discuss at what point and what went wrong, but women just like that. You can work wonders, if you listen to her words, to grasp the essence and to talk about how you feel in this situation — clearly, selecting the most opportune time. If you want all will work.

5. Sex

This time let’s dispense with the details. Let’s say in a nutshell: women like when a man is creative, romantic and aim to please your partner. It seems that everything is simple. Of course, ways to maintain the relationship on the right track much more, however, the key moments will always be mutual love and respect. Men and women essentially want the same thing, just in how they Express their desires. It’s probably a good thing: if everything were identical, it would not be so interesting.

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