Not so good: how to understand that you’re not quite done

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2014_S6Asd9UgCJm0wFamiliar situation: you’re an adult and independent person, you decide everything for myself, pay our bills, I plan the weekend — in short, adapted to a great life and was involved in it. I think that’s all? No, not all. If you can not cope with the task from this list, you still have work to do, and your well-being — a decoration that drops from the first breath of wind.

You don’t know how to cook

I have a friend who already knows how to cook, but his development as a chef was in my eyes, so I know how to look those torments. It was introduced in prostration even simple recipes, from which he immediately refused if they met the unfamiliar word. Verbs like «grind», «beat», «shake» scared him to panic state. He had no idea, how one differs from another, and therefore decided to… just not to cook the dish, if the recipe provides for whipping or mixing. He also never showed ingenuity and thought that one ingredient in the dish could be replaced by another. «It is written, «kefir», but I have an old sour cream that needs to be thrown away? No pipes, so will not go,» — here his thoughts. I can fry pancakes (Yes, I fried the pancakes, they’re delicious) from milk, kefir or tan — and they are all equally good, but this type of seeing the result, to a certain point thought I was almost a wizard. Then life has taught him everything but the lessons given to the guy with such pain, that at them it was better not to be in the name of their mental and digestive health. Anyway, dude, you understand. Inability to cook, fatally.

You have no idea what to do when you’re sick

Moreover, you may not even understand that they are sick. This is my own story which I will tell you with science. Once I started to get a headache. «Damn», I thought, and did nothing. The pain did not pass, so I took «Advil». Can’t remember, left it for a while, but finally I gets rid of it. I had to take painkillers at first one, then another — and so for a week. I woke up with a headache and fell asleep with a headache. She accompanied me all day unless I was popping painkillers and did not stop the torture to some miserable hours. A week and a half I broke down and went to the doctor who found that I have trouble with the neck vertebrae, which he began immediately treated. You know, I had no idea that seriously ill! I do are very superficial relationship with your body and if it goes down, prefer to pretend that it is still normal. A good strategy is undoubtedly a path to a long and happy life.

It was sarcasm. Don’t be like me.

Even mermaids are gay are getting married, and you’re still single

We will place emphasis: it’s not that mermaids exist, among them are males and widespread homosexuality. The fact that even the strange people which it is impossible to imagine in a relationship, find a couple, and you’re still single! A man with a tail who likes another man with a tail, found happiness, and you still roam in solitude and ask the ash, the poplar, and the result was zero, and remains. And even if you’re starting to ask the trees, and the living girls, the result is still zero reason to think, maybe the damage and the crown of celibacy is not a cause for laughter?

You’re under pain of death not to insert Comforter in duvet cover

And that is the real problem, to illustrate which I also collected the history of life. When my friend arrived, we needed new sheets and blanket and pillows. Personally, I slept soundly under the blanket and the blanket is not owned. We know the kind of life of adults went to a supermarket and bought all this stuff there. Then it was time to add one into another, and here I suffered a deafening failure. A pillowcase I’m on a friendly footing, but with the duvet cover are all very bad. I tried. I shoved. But these two idiots (duvet and duvet cover, of course) didn’t want to be the same on all four corners, which I did. Had to shift it’s a nervous thing on the fragile shoulders of my friend, who came and silently fixed it in literally two minutes. Who knows, maybe it’s a superpower, but maybe I’m just a graduate.. Must have something to do with it: this failing literally makes me feel inferior.

Close to you dies all living things

This is also the story about me — today, it seems that the day stories. In my society, in the nearly 24-year history survived only one flower, who accidentally stands on my desktop. When in my youth I was left alone in the house, all the flowers breathed. Even cacti, which should be watered every few months, breathed too. Don’t know how it turns out. There are times when I forget to water these green fools in pots, but it still does not save: bent, waste away, wither, wilt and I are a living reproach. I’m a vegetarian, I fought only one time in my life, but the plants seem to hate avowed on a subconscious level. Kill everything here. Perhaps some rastenijah one will punish me for it.

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