Not read: what to do if you can’t finish the book

Yeah, dude, it’s the worst thing. Many people absolutely can’t read books. They call it by different words, not enough patience, not enough concentration, «is not.» Not so long ago from a friend who suddenly likes… socionics, I found out that he can’t read books for one reason, supposedly scientific: it audiophile. Of course, I do not belittle the importance of this classification, the only problem is that it is to the point of almost not true. In reading books most importantly, the experience and habit. This is a very valuable skill, and I personally believe that it is as vital as, for example, the ability to cook. But what to do if serious literature you can not go? From this article you can find out why books are not read, and get advice on how to learn to read.

Why not read books

If the book is not, this doesn’t mean you’re an audiophile or you lack perseverance. The problem is much simpler: you don’t have the book experience.

1. You’re too lazy

So, man, lazy, she is! Some comrades read books Dostoevsky the years, while others have enough for two weeks. Why is this happening? Because you’re too lazy. The best remedy for laziness is to motivate yourself. First you’re too lazy, then it becomes tolerable, and then without it can not live.

2. The book seems boring

No effects, even no pictures! As it can be an interesting leisure? It seems to me that this attitude to blame our education system. All of these essays on the theme «human Rights there was Bazarov?», «Not a jerk if Raskolnikov?», «The image of the oak and its significance in Russian history», «the image of the pianist» and all that nonsense. And, as I remember from my school years, we in the class paid rather little attention by reading, but writing these boring articles, sucked from the finger, a very long time. The big drawback was the almost complete lack of foreign literature that was enshrined in some comrades the confidence that the Russian literature the most, and in the West only perverted shit served. Besides, most students are not interested in moral issues, and serious enough, even the best students they do not fully understand. Until the fifth grade I loved to read, but when I came to first period high school essay books seemed terribly boring, and constant razmusolivanie the beat off any desire I have to read. No, I read it, but literally gritting his teeth. If in 12 years I was very sick, spent a lot of time in the hospital and not read it out of boredom «a hero of our time» and many more books from the program, I wouldn’t willingly read books.

3. Not in the habit

To read books is a matter of habit. If you do not get used to it, learn to imagine another world and disengage from reality, things will be complicated. So the habit should develop regular and frequent reading.

Now let’s talk about how to learn to read more and better.

The book «don’t go»

One of my colleagues once complained that next to the bed his wife is lying in an impressive second. Almost every day she opens it, reads for a while, wrinkling her forehead, and then goes to bed. And so it is almost a year. So, dude, a lot of people do not have the habit of reading and do it often for self-development and to show that not for nothing live in the most reading country in the world.

1. On the strength of

All very important constraint. You heard right! If you do not make the first move, all hell will break loose. Sometimes the first step to do even without motivation, it can come later. If you start gradually, you can train yourself to read. And here you are addicted to a book and read it with great pleasure.

2. Start with small texts

If you have never had the experience of reading books more than 500 pages, you will probably find it difficult to read large works, and the multi-volume, so I recommend you to start with small texts. Collections of short stories, small novels by famous authors — all this is a good way to accustom yourself to reading. Of course, there is quite a large and interesting works, which, despite the volume read very quickly. But here is the problem: you get tired of reading a lot of text with the same heroes on the same topic. With experience you will come to the chance to master Tom for Tom any «folk Songs and fire» or «the Forsyte Saga» for weeks.

3. Habit — second nature

If you want to get pleasure from reading, you need to get used to read frequently. Ideally, it is good to read every day. Spit on volume — most importantly, every day. Then the habit will become ingrained in your brain even stronger and you’re constantly thinking on what to read. Or why you don’t have time to read all those books that I want. Book addiction is a hell of a addiction, while you need to be careful with this case, but it can turn into a philological virgin.

Dizzy with success


One of the most unpleasant things in the world is a book snob. It is reflected in the fact that the person who had practically never opened the book, reading any Remarque or Hemingway, swears by the fact that the books can be original, from his point of view of an inexperienced person), ideas, and becomes a bearer of truth. From the very common to hear dismissive phrases «Books to read more!», «You probably did not read the books, they mind add», «Books change the world, are you some kind of uneducated! All the Internets!» The funny thing is that you can hear from people your age. Even more funny that these educated people, reading two or three books that invaded their subcortical», couldn’t for a moment imagine that the people around them read books more often than they do, but don’t think it can exalt them above others. The second manifestation of book snobbery — it read «elite» or «proper» literature. It may be that for humans there is a higher genres (say, postmodernism, futurism or mystical realism), but that’s fiction, crime and fantasy are automatically unworthy of genres. Such a person is difficult to explain that there is pulp fiction, but there is something that you can find the infamous deep meaning and ideas. By the way, these comrades sometimes drag in the same fiction in their favorite books and to pain in the groin I bet these books are not fiction.

Good literature — it is always good. Sometimes you outgrow books, and the remark seems very sluggish on the background of Hesse or Thomas Mann. The main thing is not to stop and not to think that reading makes you better than others: you’re just reading books. And, you can learn how to get more books.

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