Not peasant behavior

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2014_eHJoUhEYSaOwQThere are many things and acts that guy does not give a single gram of courage, and that he should not do. But in our world so diverse such asshole enough, and they are some known only to them reason, proud of myself.

In case you think such behavior is the norm, and at some points you get to know yourself — it’s never too late to improve, well, or you can be an asshole.

1. To pretend that you absolutely do not care about the girl next

Common situation. The company most often, young people will find the local alpha male who has a woman. The relationship between them is unique. She takes to him, and he almost toe casts. Teasing, joking maliciously — in short, behaving as though he on her shit, and she’s such a second grade. But that’s not all. Very funny then to learn that it is not in the company, and when nobody sees, our hero does not behave like the alpha and macho, and as haunting too affectionate cat. He sends her overly affectionate texts, Lisp and let the snot emotion. When the company learns as it these two in fact, man is stupid and immature. There is nothing wrong to show your emotions to the girl people, simply know the measure. It will not make you less of a man in contrast to such behavior.

2. To teach others what food is correct and what is not

«Why did you take that beer, brother!? It was necessary to take dark! Don’t you know that in our stores is not fresh?». «Dude, you always take some weird shit in the restaurant! Why not get a normal pizza or steak! And probably they are here to cook!». «Who cooked this pasta? «Carbonara» is prepared not so! The top should break a raw egg! Where is it? Waiter!». «Nobody knows how to make Caesar salad! So do not take it!»

You’re probably thinking that you look fucking smart kid, who knows how it really is. In fact, you’re a culinary snob. Nobody likes snobs. To apply your knowledge of certain things should be able to, such video feed makes you hate. However, this applies not only to culinary problems, but also music, literature, movies and games. The other side of sebsta is not awareness. Have you ever thought that the company may accidentally wormed the person who is really well versed in alcohol, cooking and other things? And now imagine how much you will make!

3. To criticize someone for something that he doesn’t drink

If the man does not drink, he has his reasons. Maybe he is taking a course of antibiotics, maybe his health condition does not allow! You never thought about it? If the dude drinks a little, perhaps, he trains and he can’t drink much. There he does not drink, he can be temperate and there is nothing wrong! It doesn’t make him a bad person, but shows your animal nature, which cannot endure that with you people, different from the others.

4. To mock those who are not versed in the sport

Man needs to understand the sport! A man needs to know in what year won his team the last time, its composition and family history of each player almost to the seventh generation. Do you seriously think that it is necessary for someone? Why some nerds don’t think you should list without hesitation if you Wake up in the night, all of the actors who played the doctor «Doctor Who»? This is a common interest. He is not male, female, and normal. If dude don’t like football or basketball, he might like some Curling or wrestling, and that makes him a bad person? Not every man has the same interests as you. And it is not necessary to prove that he’s rooting for the wrong team!

5. Constantly talking about how you got drunk

If the only thing you can discuss with friends how «cool you got drunk with the boys, and then they dragged you to the house, but for some reason not told». You have no other topics to discuss? So, we know that you’re an adult and can drink all you want, but don’t think that drink makes you cool man. It works a little differently. Can you tell me about the most stupid or bright occasions of your life, when you were drunk, but this should not be your only topic for discussion.

6. Try to stick to people with half-serious threats and stupid jokes

Teasing strangers, to mock the modest girls are not in an easy manner, to behave as if in jest, as Gopnik from a questionable area, making stupid jokes and stick to other people’s words is disgusting. Afford it only with friends, but even they don’t like it when you constantly behave like someone who wants to draw attention to his person.

7. Collect empty bottles of expensive alcohol in his apartment

Thus, among them there is a beautiful bottle, but why do you absolutely just standard bottle of expensive liqueur, which is no different from many other drinks, with the exception of the label? Who are these please? And don’t tell me you just collect them. Throw it away and not shame.

8. To behave noisily in public areas

You are trying to show that you are an unusual man, who doesn’t care about social norms. But it’s those social norms that are based on simple respect for other people and if you respect the right of other people to sit at the bar without shouting drunken fools, it will make you a better person.

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