Not men, stupid Lotus-eaters

If you read «the Odyssey», you probably can remember how one character (guess what his name was) came to the island people who eat Lotus (they are the Lotus-eaters). Lotus gave them a sense of peace, makes them happy and makes you forget about everything. Those who have tried the Lotus, forget his home and family, falling into a peaceful trance, and didn’t want to leave the island. This situation is something like this. Or rather, someone.

Contemporary men. We like to dump out your entire core. We as empty pumpkin bottles. Us almost nothing left in the mental sense — we are like ghosts. With anatomical evidence all clearly: we stay with men, but the modern pace and way of life are doing to our bodies is… We forgot not only about your mind, about spirituality — we forgot about your body. In any aspect, we prefer to choose the path of least resistance, because I don’t want to resist.

It was a weird time. Now the words «this is not a man» and «act like a man» is no argument. The question of the essence of man stands before us less and less, while more attention is paid to certain «common man.» It feels like we stole something. Something withdrew from our society and not give back.

There’s nothing more we can. Our parents were able to replace the wiring and the pipe to repair almost any device, attach anything anywhere to fix the car. What can we do? Max — configure media server to did you like the film from the computer played on the plasma. Men’s business, have nothing to say.

Who of us wants to grow up? Who can delay the joystick to get the headphones and doing business? Who knowingly marries and gets a child — because he wants, not because the girl got pregnant and is afraid to have an abortion? No, we are far from the only whining that we see, «too early» that we, poor fellows, is that we still have a whole life ahead of you» and we don’t want to associate themselves with unnecessary obligations» and to put itself on the neck of someone else.

It’s not like the male Outlook on life. It seems sophomoric, as if the body of an adult man planted the student, and those few that hasn’t grown up yet, and still have not learned to Express their own thoughts. We want to forget about all their problems and challenges and surrender to sweet oblivion. To have fun, and not to do business with. Eat Lotus and stay on the island instead of wandering in the open sea. What if without this well?

We need a universal way to relax, to forget about everything and anything not to think. I think society would be a perfect drug. We are sticking yourself in alcohol and any delicious food that comes our way — to escape, to have fun and not think. We are constantly buying himself some things to entertain yourself, be happy and ignore the problems. We seduce a woman to enjoy the process, enjoy your own courage and to forget, we’re ignoring the fact that real relationships require work and the number who visited in our bed women says nothing about us as people.

Wouldinthe most part of the day we spend online, because we need something to entertain myself, something to distract themselves from serious thought, to find an alternative reality, because it is complex and dangerous, and we do not love difficulties. While we prefer not to think, to solve complex issues — this is the fate of man. He needs to understand, decide, take responsibility and make sure that everything was in order. «I’m a man and I don’t want to decide anything. I want the F5. F5. F5».

Remember, I said that I felt like we stole something? Really stole, but we’re hardly victims. It’s hard to know exactly how it was, but we stole that something from themselves or allowed others to steal. Allowed the culture to snatch from us the man. We voluntarily give up the male identity, and it became so familiar that no one pays attention to it. Remember «Fight club»? This product is not the underground terrorist organization and not about the elite Boxing club. This is a story about how men require back to the world its peasant nature, which they always denied. In this story the men are not tired to be men and want to show everyone that they too can do something to solve it. In reality, this process seems still running.

Why I don’t know who to blame men or culture? Because the responsibility can be divided. Let me explain.

If the body is not fed, it weakens, withers and dies. If a person deny the spiritual needs, sooner or later he will forget about them and they will wither away, replaced by instincts. If you don’t feed a man, man dies. Modern culture does not give food for our inner man. Ducks, like deformed balloons, luxury cars and half — naked girls- it is food for the inner man? Little hard to believe. So our inner man does not eat anything and die because we are not trying in any way to support it: the problem us even realize. However, there is a problem. And we want to tell you this. We want to provide food for your inner man.

Since we started with antique allusions, they we’re finished. When approaching the Trojan war, Achilles’s mother in the desire to save his son hid it on one of the Greek Islands, dressed up in a dress, and hiding among the daughters of the local king. To detect the hero, Odysseus was cunning and pretended to be a merchant, began to offer the Royal daughters, among whom was Achilles, jewelry, laid out on the ground mixed with the weapon. People Odysseus on his orders suddenly raised the battle cry, and Achilles reflex rushed to arms, thereby opening to man himself. We need an Odysseus. If not, he become his Odysseus. Otherwise, we can’t get help.

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